An alien in a green swimming hat

This year my daughter’s Christmas play, nativity if you like, was Christmas with the Aliens. Turns out this has been a pretty popular play this year, I’ve noticed a lot of other people on Twitter saying their kids have done it too. Plus lots of ‘why can’t they just do normal nativities?!’ rants.

My daughter wanted a speaking part. Hey, she DESERVED a speaking part. The parts were dished out last thing on a Friday afternoon. But the scripts weren’t. She came out of school and said: “I’m Alien 3” with a bit of a frown.

Alien THREE? Seriously?! Alien THREE?

What was that all about?! Cue lots of mentions of the Love Actually lobster on Twitter.

I could see she was a bit stressed about the whole three thing. And to be honest, I was a bit too. She was going to be thinking about it all weekend. So we had to find a teacher to check exactly what Alien 3 entailed. It was definitely a speaking part. Phew!

When the script arrived it turns out Alien 3 was a pretty big speaking part – as big a part as can be in a 10 page play with 32 speaking parts and a cast of 120 kids from Years 1 and 2.

For the costume she needed to wear all green. You may have read this recently about an all-green costume. This was for her role as ‘an Irish person’ last year. She needed to wear all green as an alien too and, typically, half of the Irish costume had gone missing.

So we kitted her out in a pair of green tights with the feet cut off (health and safety), an old polo shirt of her brother’s (which had blue stripes) and her own special input… her green swimming hat.

The only thing the aliens all had in common was a spaceship/ alien picture pinned to their Tshirts/ onesies and green face paint. Only one alien had a green swimming hat on. My beautiful daughter wasn’t half as beautiful with her hair all gone, a swimming hat on and her face covered in green. Frankly, if it wasn’t for her glasses, I wouldn’t have recognised her. And for that, I salute her, because my daughter likes to look beautiful.

It turns out the play was closer to a traditional nativity than any I’ve seen for many years. The aliens crash-landed and then they basically watched some kids perform their nativity. Which was traditional. Mary and Joseph even had speaking parts. Mary and Joseph normally just fade into the background in the kids’ nativities.

So the aliens watched the play and occassionally said something – like about how they could take flying lessons from the angels. That was my daughter’s funny line and some annoying parent coughed all over it. Thanks for that. Just because it’s not YOUR kid speaking… Grrr.

My daughter looked a bit grumpy sat with all the aliens, although her lips were moving along with everyone else’s lines. Most of the aliens were fidgeting and pulling faces. There was also a remarkable number of kids coming onto the stage picking their noses. A couple of the Year 1s had to be pulled out because they were crying. But at least no-one was sick. That’s always a bonus.

After the show, I asked her why she’d looked grumpy.

‘My swimming hat was hurting my head.’

Suffering for her art at only 6. Fair play to her.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. My eldest son only got half a line to say until he was in year 6, then he got a main part in the end of year play and had to sing 2 solos – that was a bit of a jump for him!!!

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  2. Awww in my day it was the traditional nativity every single year. I would have been completely clueless with anything else! Hope she enjoyed it besides the tight swimming cap 🙂

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  3. Wow, that is a big difference. Our kids’ only chance to shine is in Year 2! They do a y1 and 2 nativity and the y1s don’t get speaking parts and then they just do a carol concert years 3-6. Although there is a year 6 leavers’ play. Younger son barely opened his mouth to sing in reception and year1, then got the main speaking part in year2, so daughter wanted the same. Thanks very much for commenting, I really appreciate it.

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  4. She loved it, NMYO! Be prepared! You will almost certainly need the lobster costume in years to come 😉

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  5. That’s what nativities are for! To be cute, but also to laugh at. They wouldn’t be half so much fun if kids didn’t pick their noses and pull faces.

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  6. Brilliant blog. I can remember with some fondness my daughter being an angel and modding off as she was so bored. Xx

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  7. Great idea to use the swimming hat! My little one goes to a Nusery and Playgroup and was a donkey in one (Thank goodness they provided the outfit…) and Mary in the other. Sainsburys failed me by running out the week I needed a Mary outfit, so I had to resort to buying super fast postage on an ebay offering! My little one cried during the ‘Mary’ production and said it was because she didn’t join in with the dancing at the end. Completely understand! x

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  8. You did do very well to get an outfit together I always dread these sort of things with a passion and an alien isn’t really your average sort of Christmas costume is it?! Glad it all turned out ok in the end, we are having a nativity at play group and A is a snowman but the boys just do a carol service and do a play later in the school year

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  9. Bit of a strange sounding play – we have something about a jigsaw puzzle. Glad she got a speaking part though even if it wasn’t a biggie.

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  10. Aww. My daughter was a mouse. She was a narrator but after ruining many rehearsals by moaning that it was boring, they turned her into a nonspeaking, dancing mouse. She sat hugging her knees and cried all the way through it! Xx

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  11. Bless her. She sounds dedicated.
    Aaron’s 2.5 and he had a 30 minute performance where 2 classes would sing and dance to 5 songs. He sat on a member of staff’s knee and cried ALL the way through it.
    This, my fiercely independent boy who loves nothing more than to sing and dance.
    One thing they’re not, these kids, is predictable 🙁
    Liska xxxx

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  12. my children did thhis at their old school – an intresting take on the christmas play but one that kind of works! And I bet yoru daughter looked liek the most convincing alien – even if perhaps not the most beautiful 🙂

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  13. Thank you all for your comments, really appreciate them.
    Feel sorry for your poor kids, Emma and NMO, who cried!
    Thanks, Sarah, not only do we almost have the same blog name, but our kids have done the same play too! She WAS a very convincing alien!

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  14. Well, I’m sure all the children were wonderful in their nativity plays, aliens or not. We have always enjoyed school plays with their quirky interpretations, tears and tantrums.

    How clever to use a swimming cap, must have been a bit hot and tight after a while, good on your daughter for keeping going 🙂

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  15. Thanks very much, Lesley. My girl is a professional – the show must go on!
    I love all the unexpected things that happen in these nativities – they would be boring if they were perfect!

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