Saturday is cycling caption day!

As ever, I stumbled across this picture of my three little ones, (back in the day when they really were three little ones, not nearly as big as their mummy) when I was looking for another picture.
It was taken in Padstow, our very favourite place, on the Camel Trail. It looks like a suitably not-very-warm kind of holiday day, as our holidays usually are. It was taken in 2007. Flood year.
So, go on, can you caption it?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oi!! Put your back into it!

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  2. It was only when they stopped for a break they realised they had left someone behind and he had been clinging on for the last 10 miles!

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  3. Thanks very much for the brilliant captions, everyone. I really appreciate them! 🙂

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