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When I started in this blogging and tweeting world, it was a world inhabited by strangers. Then slowly but surely people started to respond to me and I started to respond to them. I’d answer a tweet or comment on a blog post. Sometimes answering a tweet would turn into a conversation. I related to the blogposts and got a feel for what the writer was saying. The same friendly faces came up again and again. I started actively seeking out their posts and tweets above others. I’d made friends.

But then it went beyond that. The connections between me and some of my favourite bloggers was scary. We were blog twins.

Take Suzanne at 3childrenandit. Like me, she’s got three kids pretty close in age. Like me she’s got two the same, then ‘the other sort’. Like me, her youngest is adorable and loving and caring. She’s the only other blogger I know for whom transferring to secondary school is a current issue. Unlike me, she’s got two girls then a boy.

Yesterday I posted a photo on my Yellow post of me on my 30th birthday at 36 weeks pregnant. Suzanne was also 36 weeks pregnant on her 30th birthday. Oh, and a few days after writing this I discoverd another amazing fact about Suzanne – her birthday is the same as my younger son’s. Blog twins!

Nikki at Stressymummy and me have a great bond. Like me, she’s got more kids than average, like me she’s only got one girl and, like me, her girl is the youngest. Like me, her life is ruled by the needs of ‘the boys’. Her second son is the same age as my younger boy and they have very similar interests. Like me, she is fascinated by the strange girly-boy-influenced ways of her youngest. Unlike me, she’s got four kids. Her teenager’s birthday is the same date as my younger son’s. Spooky!

She lives in a town 10 miles from me. She loves my town and visits about once a week. She drives past my road to go to my local Sainsburys! Knowing all of that, how could we not meet up? We met up and we got on brilliantly. She’s just as nice in real life as she is online. Blog twins!

And then yesterday I was totally blown away by blog twin coincidence. Sonya from Ramblings of a formerly rock’n’roll mum and I have stuff in common. We both recently hit the big 3-9. We both have two boys and a girl. But where I squeezed my three into less than five years, she stretched hers out over 15. And while she was rocking her ass off in bands and being cool and rock’n’roll, I was typing away in a council press office.

Our middle ones are both game-loving 8 year old boys. Sonya tweeted about her boy’s birthday being next week. It’s my boy’s birthday next week too. So I tweeted her. Her boy’s birthday is on the 20th. No way! My boy’s birthday is on the 20th too. What time was he born?! He was born precisely seven minutes after my son!


How did that happen? How, from all the people in cyberspace did I make friends with a woman whose middle child was born seven minutes after my own middle child?!
The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock'n'Roll Mum.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Thank you for the mention and for saying such lovely things, it is amazing that we all have so much in common really when you think about the number of bloggers out there. Having said that I think blogs tell you a lot about a person and therefore you will gravitate towards like minded people anyway. We must meet up again soon it was so lovely last week x

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  2. Wow, that’s awesome! I’ve met so many like minded people this year through blogging- it’s brilliant.
    There’s a lady I speak to, we’re the same age, my son was born on her sons due date, hers was born on my sons due date (so weird!!!) and she holidays in my home town every year. We have plans to meet next summer- it’ll be fantastic!
    Great positive post- highlights the best bit of blogging IMO! x

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  3. What a fantastic post Sarah! I love the way that blogging opens up a whole new realm of friendships and anyone who says you can’t have real friends via social networking hasn’t really given it a proper go! The coincidences are uncanny and it’s probably taken me 6 months to work out whose posts I seek out more than others, i guess everyone gets to that point eventually and usually that’s because they are in a similar circumstance to you and can therefore relate. Thanks for mentioning me x

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  4. I think bloggers actively seek out like-minded people to interact with. In many real life situations (work, gym, family etc) we just mix with who-ever. In blogging life, we can pick and choose 🙂

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  5. I must admit if someone told me I would have virtual friends a year ago, I would have laughed at them. Even when I started blogging, I didn’t expect to read other peoples blogs or them read mine. I think Lesley’s comment sums it up.
    Not in the blogging world but me and my best friend from school have children born on the same day even though she was due 2 weeks after me and I had a section 2 weeks early.

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  6. Thank you all for your lovely comments 🙂 Like you, Louise, I never thought people would read my blog (I remember being deliriously happy at 35 page views in a day several months after I’d started blogging) and if you’d told me even six months ago that I could make friends I would have said it was rubbish.
    There are just so many coincidences out there and we obviously do end up ‘meeting’ like-minded people. When I started to get overwhelmed by the coincidences I knew it was time to write about them!
    We must definitely meet up again soon, Nikki! x

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