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As a mum, if I could create one thing to make my life easier and more enjoyable, it would be more hours in the day. Because there are never enough.

I have kids who have turned procrastination into an art form. Bedtime takes forever. I have a job. I have housework to do and lots of washing. There are letters to respond to from school. I help the kids with their homework. There is shopping to do. There are places I need to take the kids. I go running. I go to school governors’ meetings. I listen to kids read at school.

And I have books I want to read and programmes I would like to watch on telly. Oh, and quite a bad social networking habit.

And it all takes time. Time I don’t have. The bedtime is a big issue. I don’t see the back of my boys until about 9pm, despite my desperate attempts to have them settled in their room reading quietly by 8.15. A lot of good programmes come on at 9, so the Sky+ box starts recording.

Because I have still clothes to pick up and sort out, washing to put away, a dishwasher to empty, glasses to clean and toothbrushes to put away. And I have a shower at night (no time in the morning).

It’s nearly 10pm before I can even contemplate watching any telly (apart from Saturdays when we have our early evening TV talent-show-fest) and then I have to make a choice. TV or sleep? Luckily, I don’t get very tired. I seem to survive perfectly well on going to sleep at 12 and getting up at 6.

If my husband is already watching football when I’m finally clear of jobs, I usually opt not to bother with TV, so my Sky box gets more and more full with things I’m never going to watch. So I have a little read and go to bed.

Watching telly and reading aren’t essential for life. Nor is writing a blog. But they are things I do to help me unwind and I would like to think that in the 168 hours available in a week that I might have one or two spare for me to relax, not think and not do stuff. But I don’t.

And that’s why I’d like to create a few more.

Time, Clock

Author: Sarah Mummy

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