How and when do you find the time to…

I’m always busy, so how and when do I find the time to…

Do the laundry?

Washing is constant for me. I wash every day apart from Tuesdays, simply because I barely have time to breathe on a Tuesday. The washing goes on and is hung out in the morning. At weekends and when I’m not at work I tend to do two loads and I do one load on work days. Every evening I’m putting clothes away or moving them from a clothes horse to a radiator, as well as loading up the machine for the next day. I don’t know where it all comes from, I swear I wash more clothes than the kids actually wear. I’m lucky that my daughter is very clean, so I hardly need to wash her stuff!

Write a blogpost?

I started out writing one most evenings while my husband was working or watching telly. Now I tend to bash them out in batches – four or five on a Thursday morning. Sometimes I have them in my head desperate to get out and I just have to write them before I lose them – I have my iPad next to me while I cook the tea (no wonder the smoke alarm goes off so much!) and I’ve been known to blog on my phone on the walk into work.

Look after yourself?

I’m pretty low maintenance, luckily. I shower at night as there’s no time in the morning and only wash my hair every three days. My mum dyes it for me every few weeks because sadly I’m getting quite grey and I have it cut about once every six months. I don’t blowdry or straighten my hair and I NEVER wear make-up. I have my legs waxed once a month by a lady who can’t stop talking. Her tales are probably better than her waxing skills, but she makes me laugh so I stick with her.

Running is very important to me and I try to run every day I’m not at work – I alternate three mile and five mile runs and am considering a half marathon later this year. I did two half marathons last year. They’re a big commitment, but they’re do-able.

Spend time with your other half?

We are often in the house at the same time in the evenings, but I think ‘spend time with’ is pushing it. He’s either working or watching TV and I’m either putting washing away or fiddling around on the internet. There is a handful or programmes we watch together. We probably get to go out together about once every three or four months. Last year was pretty bad because we didn’t make it out on either his birthday or our wedding anniversary! They’re both coming up soon, so I’m hoping we do better this year!

Do stuff with your little one?

I don’t spend as much time as I’d like with the kids. They are all at school and I work three days a week, including the school holidays. I’m with them the rest of the time, but there’s homework and all their activities, which they love, so quality time with them is limited. And quality time with one or two of them is unheard of! When I do get time with them, they are happy just going to the park or for a walk. With the rugby season over, I hope we get more time as a family at weekends over the summer.

Spend time with your family?

My mum and dad are a big part of our lives. Without them, it would be difficult for me to work. They look after the kids two days a week. My mum drops round at other times and my brother and sister live nearby so we see them quite a bit too. I also go to my dance class with my sister.

Socialise with friends?

Another thing I don’t do as much as I’d like. I go out for a meal with my oldest friends probably three times a year. For a long time I was the only one with kids and I felt left out. Now they have very young kids, so I still feel left out! They’re not interested if my son has done well at rugby or in his SATs, they’re still dealing with feeding routines and potty training. I get on well with all of my kids’ friends’ parents, which is great, but we don’t socialise as such.

Prepare an evening meal juggling a bedtime routine?

Even though my kids are big, mealtimes and bedtimes are still a nightmare. I get the kids’ tea at around 5, because my husband isn’t in from work until 6.45 and that’s too late for them to eat. So I’ve just about finished clearing up the kids’ tea when I start making ours. Then by the time we’ve finished eating it’s time to start the bedtime routine. They start getting ready at just after 7, but procrastinate endlessly and my 6 year old girl ends up going to bed about 8.15 and my boys at about 8.45. Then they’re awake until 10. And they’ll make sure we know about it with endless trips to the toilet, drinks of water, trying to watch they telly through the door, tales about what the other one has done etc. It’s no wonder I don’t get to bed much before midnight myself!

Deep clean your house?

Simple answer. I don’t. My mum and dad help out with some of the cleaning, I do a proper full hoover once a week and other little bits when needed. About once a year my husband will go on a mad spring cleaning/ clearing out frenzy.

Do the food shopping?

We have a Tesco delivery, usually on a Wednesday evening, usually right in the middle of The Apprentice! But I probably go to the supermarket practically every day for fruit and vegetables or bread. We have a very small fridge, which isn’t helpful.

Do bulk ironing?

I don’t iron. Ever. My husband irons his own shirts and the rest of us wear un-ironed clothes. I don’t think that makes us bad people.

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  1. Thanks very much for commenting – I’ve already had a read of yours! It’s nice seeing the similarities and differences between us all. I feel like I’m a bit lazy with my housework, but I literally have no time to spare.
    I very occasionally iron my daughter’s dresses in summer, but mostly we’re all jeans and Tshirts people, which makes life easy!
    I am having a lovely weekend, thanks. Hope you are too 🙂

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