Crime, law and order

There are some bad people out there… Some of them lived a long time ago, some of them could be living among us right now. Some live near us, some a long way away. But either way, bad people, crime, law and order are endlessly fascinating and intriguing.

LG age 5: If we got caught by real pirates, would they kill us?

B1 age 10: Do gypsies take drugs?

B1 age 10: Who’s the evilest person in the world?

B1 age 10: It’s easy to play Hitler at school. You just use a rubber and put it under your nose.

B1 age 10 3/4: I’v just made up a new Police embarrassment thing. If the Police see a boy racer they fire this gun at the car and it has a sticker in it that says ‘I’m a boy racer’ and it’s really hard to get off the car.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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