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My husband and children are big Man Utd fans. (My husband is from the North-West, so it’s ‘allowed’.) They went (I think) to the Community/ Charity/ Whatever Shield at the start of the season, but haven’t been to a ‘proper’ game. So my husband applied for tickets for them all for today (7th April). They got the tickets, but when they arrived they were for 8th April. Easter day.

I must admit I was gutted. Easter is for us, like many people, a nice family day. We spend most of the day at my Mum’s with my Mum and Dad, my sister and brother-in-law. They organise an Easter egg hunt for the kids – and the kids find them in about two minutes flat. We have a nice lunch. Everyone dresses a bit smarter than usual – previewing some new spring clothes – and therefore spends the day shivering. But it is a good day. And they were going to miss this. And so was I.

‘They won’t like it,’ I say. ‘They won’t go.’

But my husband is better at selling it to them in a positive way. He bigs it up so they’re not disappointed about missing Easter day. Because it’s a four day weekend. And they can do Easter stuff another day. And, actually, I can see his point.

My family are disappointed, but I toe the party line. It’s a long weekend. We can do the Easter egg hunt another day. And it was a genuine mistake. My husband wouldn’t have booked tickets for a game on Easter day, but it was advertised as a game the day before.

My daughter loves football, but she says ‘I’m not going, I’m staying with Mummy.’

She gives a variety of reasons for not going, but the main one is ‘Mummy will be lonely’. Actually, Mummy won’t be lonely. Mummy doesn’t really mind. It’s a win-win situation. I get a rare day on my own (which I LOVE) or I get a day with just my daughter (just as rare and I love it just as much).

‘We can have a ladies’ day’ she says. The main thing she wants to do on our ladies’ day is go to our favourite coffee shop, which will of course be closed, and buy the chocolate cake her brother deliberately refused to get for her the other day. So there won’t be any coffee shop, but I’m looking forward to our ladies’ day.

Then three days before ‘ladies’ day’ she changes her mind. She’s going to the football. Her brother has told her it’s going to be a ‘big game’ and she doesn’t want to miss it.

So ladies’ day is off. I’m going to be home alone. Well, home alone with my Mum, Dad, sister and brother-in-law.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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