All cakes 5p!

This is a famous family story which has been re-told many times over the years. It’s not really a big deal (my kids don’t get it), but it’s acquired almost legendary status in our family. So I’m retelling it again. To you. If you love cakes (and who doesn’t?), you will love it.

It must have been 15 years ago that my husband (then my boyfriend), sister and I were at Sainsbury’s close to closing time on Easter Saturday.

All of a sudden there came an announcement over the tannoy ‘All cakes 5p!’

All cakes 5p?! We rushed to buy cakes, along with half the shop. We bought quite a lot of cakes. We didn’t even care what we bought. Because they were cakes! And they were 5p!

The shop was closing at 5 or 6 or something and it was closed the next day. Those cakes weren’t going to last until Easter Monday. They had to be sold. And fast. So they were sold for 5p.

It was a complete win-win situation.

Many is the Easter Saturday since that we have been down to Sainsbury’s close to closing time hoping to hear that amazing announcement over the tannoy. But it has never happened. It was a once-in-a-lifetime situation, which has just made it all the more legendary.

It was our very own Easter miracle.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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