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I’ve joked before about the number of things in my house which need mending or replacing. It makes amusing reading, but actually it gets me down. It’s not exactly up there with family members dying, divorce or living in poverty in terms of things that are depressing, but it’s still not great.

When the downstairs toilet finally got sorted I thought everything was fine, but then I started to notice all the other stuff. And some more things broke.

I hate to be the person always saying ‘Sorry, I didn’t print that off, I haven’t got a computer’ and being unable to watch stuff on telly because we only have one telly and my husband is watching football. Actually, we do have two. But one of them hasn’t worked for two or three years. It seems funny at first, but then it just seems like I’m moaning all the time and I’m too lazy or tight to get things sorted.

It’s not like we’re too poor to get this stuff mended. We’re not. We just never have the time. So it finally got too much for me. I stopped moaning and nagging and started crying. And my husband asked me to make a list of everything that was wrong and said he would get it sorted.

On the list:

Mend the shower cubicle
Mend the bathroom fan
Sort out the upstairs telly
New computer
New windows for the front of the house
New drive
New fence
Mend the washing machine leak

Well, the shower cubicle has been fixed with superglue (!) and it appears to be holding.

A call has been put into the electrician to mend the bathroom fan. I’m not holding my breath, though, this is the same electrician who was going to put us an extra socket in the kitchen so we could move the freezer out of the garage. About a year ago. The freezer is still in the garage.

A man is coming to put an aerial on our roof, so the TV will work.

A computer has been ordered. And a computer desk! I didn’t even ask for that.

As I write, a man is measuring for the new windows.

Our drive was falling to bits when we moved in seven years ago and still is. It’s quite embarrassing and lowers the tone of the neighbourhood. Luckily my neighbours are all old, so they probably can’t see it. We are still researching a company to do it, but it is definitely going to be replaced.

The fence too was a bit dodgy seven years ago and is now in bits in some areas. New fence panels have been researched and someone is coming over at the weekend to discuss installing them.

Not quite sure what is happening with the washing machine leak…. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

So it looks like we really could be getting sorted. In return for all of this my jobs are to a) be happy and b) keep my nice ‘new’ house clean and tidy. Not easy with my kids.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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