Why would you do that?

I am becoming a grumpy and judgemental old woman. Every day it seems I am forced to ask myself the question ‘Why would you do that?’ There are so many things people do which are just downright stupid – either intentionally or accidentally.
Sometimes the question stays in my head. Sometimes I say it out loud to myself. Sometimes I will even share it with a friend.
Take this toilet. Seriously, why would you do that?! This picture was taken at my sons’ rugby club. There are hardly any girls there, so one can only conclude this was done by grown women. Mothers. You know which ones. Those middle class, yummy mummy ones. The other cubicle was full of mud (yeah, it’s a rugby club I know), which was so runny it looked like, well, you can guess. Frankly, it made me feel sick. I decided I wasn’t that desperate for the toilet after all.
The other Saturday morning I looked out of my window before 8am and saw my friend’s son’s friend’s mum (are you following this?) outside with a towel on her head. Seriously, why would you do that? Either wash your hair in time for it to dry before you go out or do it later. Don’t drive round the town with a towel on your head.
At the cinema they are marketing their pick ‘n’mix as ‘the perfect gift for Christmas’. Seriously, why would they do that? They are cheap(ish) sweets which are not wrapped and will go stale quickly. In what way could they be the perfect gift for Christmas? Do the manufacturers really think someone could be taken in by this crap? Or are they?! Is it only me that sees through their lies? Are people going to the cinema and thinking ‘Oh, I might pick up another 200g of these – they’re the perfect Christmas gift.’ Maybe for one 10 year old to another, but I don’t see them working in any other context.

Other things which have made me utter those words in the last few days have been:

Litter and fly-tipping
Wearing tights made to look like suspenders – surely there should never be an occasion where that is required?!
Dog owners who don’t pick up.

Seriously, why would you do that?!

Author: Sarah Mummy

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