More from the dark depths of B1’s mind

He might be 10 now, but that doesn’t mean my eldest son makes any more sense than he did when he was 3. Actually, I think he probably makes less sense. A little bit of knowledge about the world added to a strong set of moral values can be dangerous in the hands of a tween boy.

So here’s more from the dark depths of his mind…

Combining his twin interests of the royal family and law and order… If the queen killed somebody, would she get sent to prison?

Mummy, what’s the silliest thing you’ve done on the street?

Would you like to own a car park for a job?

What would happen to me if I ate air molecules? (Mummy note – Surely that’s just breathing?!)

Did someone from your work die because he got an apple core stuck in his throat and he choked? (Mummy note – no, he didn’t. I can only imagine he dreamt this one)

If I pooed on LG, would I go to prison?

In Worcester, are Worcestershire people like Americans?

Can lawyers sue people?

If a gypsy got a really bad illness and went to hospital, would they die?

Is a lock (on a canal) one of the most dangerous places on earth?

Mummy, do you think lightning could strike a balloon?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. He certainly has! Boys of this age seem to have very unusual brains, or maybe it’s just him!
    Any time! there’s plenty more where that came from!

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