The longest day – part 3

Yep, it’s back to that day a year ago when I decided to write down every question my kids asked me – and as a result spent the whole day scribbling on bits of paper.
It’s mid-morning and the four of us have just started out on a walk.

B2 age 6 3/4: Mummy, do you want to play a good game?
Me: What is it?
B2: It’s a Club Penguin game. Do you want to play the game, Mummy?

Me: It takes a while to heal.
B1 age 9: Why?
Me: I suppose it was quite a deep cut.
B1: Do you think they might put a chip in it, like a microchip, to track us down?
Me: No.

B2: Mummy, do you want to play with the Puffles?
Me: I suppose so.
B2: What colour?
Me: Yellow.

B2: Mummy, I’ve got an orange Puffle, do you know what happens when you bath it?
Me: No.
B2: It jumps and jumps and the diving board breaks and he falls in.

LG: Please can I have my nursery hat?

LG: Can I see an egg and bacon?
Me: Yes, these little yellow flowers.
LG: When we get back, can we put it in some water?
Me: Yes.
LG: Before it dies?

B2: Do you know how to play water chicken, Mummy?
Me: No.
B2: You put your feet in the water and the first to fall in is the chicken.

LG: What are these?
Me: It’s just like a plant that’s grown over the bridge.
LG: These are very big leaves. Why are they?
Me: They’ve just grown big.

LG: Can you take a picture of me with all these flowers?

B2: Mummy, have you seen all my ladybirds?
Me: Wow.
B2: I’ve got seven ladybirds.

B1: How many butterflies do you need?
Me: As many as there wants to be.
B1: I’m going to get a nature programme to come here.

B1: Can I do a butterfly count? Can I have a piece of paper?
B2: Can I?
Me: There’s only one piece of paper, you’ll have to share.

Me: Are you doing a tally chart, B1?
B1: What’s a tally chart?
B2: When you do lines – 1,2,3,4 and when you get to your 5th one you do a line across.

B1: Do centipedes count?
Me: I don’t know, have you got any centipedes?
B1: No.

B1: I’ve seen loads of bees.
Me: I don’t think they are bees.
B1: What are they?
Me: I think they’re a sort of fly.

LG: Bees and wasps and flies are following me.
Me: You know why that is, don’t you?
LG: Why?
Me: Your hands are full of flowers.

Me: Who wants to get a treat from Starbucks?
B1: Can’t we get sweets, fudge and things?

LG: Can you put this in your bag?
Me: No, I can’t put flowers in my bag, they’ll get squashed.

LG: How did she know your name was Mrs W?
Me: Because you’re LG W, so that would normally mean I’m Mrs W.

LG: Are we nearly there yet?
Me: Yes.
LG: Can you see Brockhampton, Mummy?
Me: No, we’re in the other direction.

LG: Mummy, do the wasps and bees and flies think I’m a flower when I’m holding these?

LG: What’s that noise?
Me: It sounds like a digger or something.

Me: There’s horse poo here, so be careful.
LG: Where is it?
Me: Just here, go round it.
LG: Why have horses been here?
Me: For a walk, same as us.

LG: Are we nearly there yet?
Me: Yes, nearly.

Me: Let’s cross over.
LG: Why?
Me: Because there are spiky bits there.

LG: Would we be home by now?
Me: No, but we would be a bit further.

LG: Oh I hate blackberries. Do you hate blackberries?
Me: No, they’re nice, but can sometimes be a bit sour.
LG: What does sour mean?
Me: Not very nice.

LG: Water makes flowers grow. Why does it?
Me: They need it, like we do.
LG: Apple juice makes me grow. And orange juice. And milk.

B1: Did you know that King George III had purple wee?
Me: No, I didn’t know that.

LG: It goes green to purple, doesn’t it? (blackberries!)
Me: That’s right, it goes green, then purple, then black, then it’s ready to eat.

B1: What’s that there?
Me: It’s a factory that’s being demolished.
B1: What does the factory make?
Me: I don’t know.

LG: What’s that?
Me: I have no idea.
LG: Dust?
Me: Not dust, no.

Me: Don’t go near the car, people don’t like it.
B1: Why?
Me: They think you might scratch it or something.

LG: What’s that?
Me: It’s a strimmer. It cuts the grass.

LG: All of my cuts are hurting. Have you got any plasters?
Me: Yes, we’ll do that in a minute.

B2: Amazing amount of butterflies. How many butterflies is it?
Me: About 150?
B2: It think it’s 163.

B2: Mummy, do you know what? I’m really thirsty.
Me: I’ve got your drink here.

B1: Mummy, have you ever saved someone’s life?
Me: Of course I haven’t, it’s very unusual to save someone’s life.

B1: Mummy, shall I take that down to Sainsbury’s? (a shopping trolley)
Me: Well you could do, I suppose.
LG: Can I go in it?
Me: No.

LG: What did B2 say?
Me: When he gets home he’s going to count his butterflies in fives.

So we’ve made it to Sainsburys via the countryside and we’ve counted lots of butterflies. We still have to walk round Sainsburys and back home – and the kids will be asking questions every step of the way…

Author: Sarah Mummy

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