Human behavior issues from a 9 year old

Today some questions from my eldest son on humans behaviour – why people do the things they do. Often the only answer can be ‘because they do’. Sometimes it’s possible to try to teach him some morals, but he sees the world in black and white like most kids and it’s hard to explain the grey areas in between.

Why do some children like detention? (Surely they don’t!)

Why do children like blackcurrant better than apple juice?

Why do people throw litter?

Why do people do graffiti?

And because they weren’t very funny, here’s one final one to make you laugh…

When you see like a Coke bottle that a naughty person has dropped on the floor and it’s got sludge in it, do you know what that is?
Me: No.
It’s a dead mouse.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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