Some matters of law and order

This is my kids’ attempt to unravel the dark mysteries of crime, law and order. Crime and criminals are in equal parts scary and intriguing for kids. Most pre-school kids don’t even really believe criminals exist.

LG was 4 1/4 when she asked all of these.

LG: Are robbers actually from this country?

LG: How do the police know if someone’s been naughty?

LG: People who go to jail, do they stay there forever?

LG: If you go to the police, do you get sent to jail?

LG: If you go to jail and you stay there forever, do they run out of cages to trap you in?

And one from B1, aged 9, to his auntie:

B1: Jane, are you a detective?
Jane: Yes.
B1: Do you have a magnifying glass?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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