Questions, questions, questions

OK, time to share a few of the questions that baffle me every day… Not so much that I don’t know the answers, but WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?! They are almost always accompanied by no context whatsoever.

Little Girl (LG), age 4 1/4: I had a dream last night that King Henry VIII came and I didn’t eat much and I had to wash his face, but is it not in real life?

LG, age 4 1/4: Is Wales in England?

Boy 2 (B2), age 6 3/4: Is all meat dead animals?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Great #MyFirstBlogPost, I have similar questions thrown at me on a daily basis even now from LP.

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    • Thanks very much! They do make me laugh looking back on them. I’m pleased to say they don’t ask quite as many any more!

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  2. that’s a question i hear from grown adults when they ask me where i’m from ‘Wales? that’s England? Yes?’

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  3. sadly yes all meat is dead animal, I only eat meat that does not resemble dead animals myself, a rare bleeding steak does nothing for me, Nice to be looking back on some firsts of people I have been following for a while.
    over from my first blog post

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  4. Aww – so many questions and they don’t get any easier to answer as they grow older! Many thanks for adding your post to #MyFirstBlogPost

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