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We all know toddlers say the funniest things, but this isn’t about toddlers. Kids in Reception say funny things too. Let’s be honest, kids in Year 5 do as well. Who knew?
I’ve been recording my kids’ funniest questions and comments for a while now and it’s time to share them with the world. I hope you find them as funny as I do. When I’m feeling down I just look at a couple of pages of that little notebook and I laugh so much I cry.
I’m lucky enough to have three gorgeous kids – two boys and a little girl. They are all like chalk and cheese.
Number 1 boy is 10. He cannot sit still and he cannot be quiet. He loves science, history, facts and collecting things. He used to ask the most implausible questions, often related to natural disasters. Now he’s a bit older he specialises in human behaviour questions. He’s getting quite judgemental about right and wrong, but doesn’t yet realise there are subtleties and grey areas. The subject matter may have moved on, but the relentless questioning hasn’t.
Number 2 boy is 7. He is highly intelligent and the least demanding of the three. Maybe he doesn’t need to ask so many question because he already knows the answers? He is either bouncing around at 100mph or sat in front of a screen – DS, Wii, Angry Birds, Club Penguin…
Littl girl is 5. She is impeccably behaved and brilliant at whatever she does because of her incredible ability to concentrate, listen and copy – whether school work, swimming or dance moves. A shy, quiet child until she was almost 4, she changed almost overnight when she started wearing glasses. Once she could see she had the confidence to talk and two years of missed chatter and questioning cam tumbling out.
I love them to bits, I hope you will too.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Lovely first post, strange to think of R being so little, even though I don’t know her or the boys, I can sort of imagine the journey you’ve had with them

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    • Thanks very much! I’m pleasantly surprised that this post isn’t as cringeworthy as I’d expected it to be.
      It is very hard to imagine the kids so little now. You definitely ‘get to know’ people’s kids when you read their blogs!

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