Magpie by Elizabeth Day

Magpie is the fifth novel by Elizabeth Day and the first novel of hers I’ve read. I bought it for the reason I buy many of my books – I’d vaguely seen it on social media and it was cheap in Sainsbury’s! I’ve been reading more books than usual this summer and buying most of them in Sainsbury’s is a good way to keep the cost down.

Marisa had an unhappy childhood. As an adult, she was always on the lookout for ‘the one’. In her late 20s, she thinks she’s found him, in Jake. Jake is in his late 30s and ready to settle down and have a child. While Marisa’s friend, Jas, advises her not to rush into things, she decide she is ready to have a child too.

They move into a perfect little house together in London. Jake goes out to work every day, and Marisa works from home – painting custom children’s books.

Within a few months of meeting Jake, Marisa is pregnant.

They are both overjoyed, but then Jake confesses to Marisa that work isn’t going so well. They can’t make ends meet unless they get a lodger.

It isn’t long before Kate starts to make Marisa feel uncomfortable. Kate is slim and stylish and a bit older than Marisa. It feels like she is everything Marisa isn’t. She puts her toothbrush in the main bathroom and plays music loudly with Jake.

And she asks far too many questions about the baby…

Marisa shares her concerns with Jake, but he thinks it’s all in her head. Something definitely isn’t right about Kate, and Marisa is determined to find out what it is.

Magpie is a page turner of a psychological thriller, which starts off gently and then ramps up the tension. There are some big twists, but as a seasoned reader of psychological thrillers, they didn’t all come as a huge shock to me.

Magpie is also one an exploration of fertility, infertility and mental illness, which can all feel pretty dark at times. If you or anyone close to you are experiencing infertility or mental illness, it might be worth steering clear. But if you’re looking for a high quality psychological thriller, I would definitely recommend Magpie.

Magpie by Elizabeth Day, Magpie, Elizabeth Day, Book review

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I loved this book. As you guess the twist coming, I couldn’t believe how well it was done tricking you throughout. Similar to you, it was my first book by this author too.

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