Lockdown: Looking forward

With all of the things we are due to miss this year (mainly sport) due to lockdown, I keep looking forward to what I hope we will manage to do this summer. It feels like coronavirus and lockdown could completely wipe out the summer. Which isn’t the end of the world, of course, and we all have to do what we have to do to keep people and the NHS safe.

But I really would like a holiday. I don’t ask for much. I just want to go to Padstow.

We booked a holiday in Padstow for ourselves and the younger kids months ago. Yes, we go every year. But Padstow to us is summer. It’s also a home from home. It’s a place to relax and unwind. And in a year when so much has been cancelled, we need that more than ever.

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I’m trying not to think about it, but as the weather improves, my mind keeps turning to walks around the harbour and the beach, as well as running and cycling along the Camel Trail. My son keeps talking about pasties, and I keep thinking about Rick Stein’s fish and chips and the delicious cream tea on the South West Coast Path.

In my head, the sun is shining. The reality is, the sun doesn’t always shine in Padstow. In fact, we seem to have a knack for being there when it’s rainy. But I would take a rainy Padstow over no Padstow. The sun would be a bonus.

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In July, my husband and I were due to go to Amsterdam for two nights. By some remarkable coincidence, the younger two kids were both due to go away on school trips at the same time. My son’s rugby tour has already been postponed until next year. Incredibly, my daughter’s Paris trip hasn’t yet been cancelled or postponed, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

I’d really been looking forward to Amsterdam, but I can’t see it happening.

At the end of August, we were due to go to Center Parcs with my whole family. We did that two years ago and we had the best time. I think that is very unlikely to happen. My parents are in their 70s and there is talk of over 70s having to social distance for a year or more, until there is a vaccine. Social distancing in the swimming pool at Center Parcs is impossible.

Of course, there might be a miracle in the next few weeks. But I can’t see it happening. It would be so nice to salvage just a few weeks of summer and to at least enjoy our trip to Padstow.

And we can look forward to Center Parcs in 2021, when hopefully lockdown will be a distant memory…

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  1. I hope you manage to get at least some of your holidays this year. We have rebooked our Easter one for August, but it was only a couple of weeks in Scotland in the camper van so I’m hoping it will still happen. I do feel for people like your parents who are unlikely to be able to get back to normal for quite some time.

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    • Fingers crossed you can get your holiday in August! My parents aren’t big on holidays, but they were looking forward to Center Parcs as we had such a lovely time last time. They do enjoy days out though. They’re coping very well at the moment, but it’s not nice to think it could go on indefinitely for them. x

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  2. So much is cancelled for us and I’m assuming it will stay that way, so I’m my mind we’re not going anywhere for the foreseeable. It’s horrible but it’s the only way I can cope. I can’t keep looking forward to something and worrying about whether it will happen or not. I need certainty. My husband is the opposite and needs to plan things to distract him, even if he knows he may have the disappointment of out being cancelled. So hard.

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    • It’s hard, isn’t it? I think I’m like your husband in that I like to have that glimmer of hope! I think the fact that we have UK holidays makes them slightly more likely to go ahead. My husband still thinks Amsterdam will happen, but I really don’t think it will. I will also be disappointed if a whole year of marathons and half marathons is called off, and I’m living in hope that we might get the very end of an athletics season for my son, who has records to break before he moves into the next age category!

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  3. It wouldn’t feel like a real summer unless you go to Padstow. I really hope you get to go.
    I think most trips abroad won’t be happening this year which is a shame and it’s also a shame that your Center Parcs trip might not happen but if it keeps the over 70’s safe it’s for the best. x

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    • Thanks very much. It definitely won’t feel like summer without Padstow. I can’t see that we will make it to Amsterdam, but my husband lives in hope. To be honest, if my daughter’s trip is cancelled, I won’t want to go anyway, because I wouldn’t want to leave the kids on their own together. I always think swimming pools are not good for spreading germs and Center Parcs is essentially just a massive swimming pool, so I would rather wait another year than put my parents at risk. x

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  4. It is so hard isn’t it? We hadn’t got around to booking anything but the kids had trips planned which have all been cancelled. You just have to focus on the positive that this will be over at some point and who knows, you might get away at the end of the summer? I hope you do get to Padstow, I know how much you love it.

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    • It’s hard for the kids having their trips cancelled. I think the fact that Padstow is in the UK makes it more likely to happen. Otherwise, there’s always autumn – or next year!

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  5. At this point, I’m assuming no travel in 2020. I hope I’m wrong. I’ve had three trips already cancelled (one in April, two in May) and the August and November plans I can’t see actually happening.

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    • That’s a shame about your trips this spring. I live in hope that Padstow will happen, just because it’s UK and late summer, but who knows? I will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen, but I have to remind myself that it is just one summer out of a lifetime and the most important thing is to keep people safe.

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  6. I hope you manage to get some of your holidays this year. It is hard for those that are shielding xx

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    • Thanks very much, I hope so too! It really is hard for people who are shielding, it seems unlikely they will get holidays at all this year. x

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