Five things removal companies don’t tell you

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When you buy a new house and make your final plans to move in, using a removal company seems like the easy option. After all, the do all of the work for you and save you a lot of hassle at a stressful time. But there are a few things that moving companies won’t tell you, that you should definitely know for your advantage. So you need to do your homework on what removal companies want or require from you to ensure a smooth move. And you should know the secrets of how to save money while moving houses. So, here are the things the moving services don’t tell you.

  1. You can save money by disassembling the furniture yourself

When you are getting quotes from removal companies for your move, they will most likely come up with a package which includes disassembling and reassembling your furniture. While this may sound very convenient, bear in mind that the removal companies do actually charge a lot of money for this. They won’t, however, tell you to do this yourself if you want to save money. In fact, they will offer you the package in such a way that you will feel pretty satisfied and less stressed, despite the quote being high. So if you want to keep costs down, make sure you do all the disassembling and reassembling of your furniture yourself. Get everyone from the family involved to speed up the process and it won’t seem like such hard work.

  1. Off-season moving is better vale 

The peak season for moving house is usually from May to September. During these months, removal companies quote high prices due to increased demand. However, if you hire moving companies during the months from October to April, you will notice a huge difference in the prices. This is something that no removal company will tell their customers, because of course they want to get as much profit as they can. If at all possible, try to plan your move during the off-season to save yourself some cash.

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  1. They need supervision 

After hiring removal companies, some people leave all the work to them, but this isn’t how it’s done! Removal company professionals do need your supervision throughout the process, so you can advise them if they are doing something wrong. This is important for both sides – for you so you can be sure that things aren’t going to go wrong or get broken. And for the workers, it is protection against an angry homeowner taking their frustrations out on them. So don’t go off and do somehting else, keep an eye on the workers throughout the moving process, to make sure things get done just as you would like them done. 

  1. Get quotes from several companies

It seems obvious, but don’t just get a quote from one company and hire them. You may find that smaller, local companies will cost a fraction of the price of a big national company. You may also find that you are paying for services you don’t actually use or need. Good research is essential, so that you can be sure the company provides the best service at a reasonable price. Once you have visited several companies, got quotes and compared services, you will be in a much better position to hire the best one to meet your needs.  

  1. If a problem occurs, you will need proof 

If any damage occurs to your valuable items during the moving process, the company won’t pay for it unless you provide proof that the damage was caused by their workers. Which is why it is important that you take pictures of your items prior to the move as proof.

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  1. This is good to know. When we moved house we looked into a removal company but they were all so, so expensive

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    • We used one for our last two moves and they took away a lot of the hassle, but they definitely weren’t cheap! We looked at a few companies and found the smaller local companies were much better value.

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