The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

When I read about The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle in a Waterstones email (my favourite source of information about good books), I knew I had to read it.

Set in the early 20th century, it is a classic Agatha Christie-style country house murder, but with an added twist. Evelyn Hardcastle gets murdered at a party thrown by her parents and time keeps repeating itself, so she is murdered every day.

In the meantime, Aiden Bishop thinks he witnesses a woman called Anna murdered in the forest and tries to get fellow party guests to help him investigate. He has lost his memory and is disappointed to discover he is a rather weak man. Or is he?

Because every day Aiden Bishop wakes up as someone new and every day he is too late to save Evelyn. The only way for him to break the cycle is to identify Evelyn’s killer. Unfortunately, someone is out to prevent him solving the mystery and wants to keep him at Blackheath forever.

Can Aiden piece it all together, can he trust his fellow party guests, can he stop himself forgetting and can he use his different hosts’ skills to help him?

This is a very entertaining book, full of dislikable characters and quite unlike anything I’ve read before. But it’s not an easy read – it runs to 500 pages and the plot is pretty complicated. It took me longer to read than any book I’ve read this year. Every few chapters, it will help you out a bit with an important clue to help you piece everything together, but there’s no way I could have solved the mystery!

If you’re looking for something different to read, you enjoy a mystery and aren’t put off by a long book, I would definitely recommend The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I really wanted to add this to my list, but I’m not a fan of long books so I’m not sure now! I think curiosity will get the better of me because I really like the sound of the of the story.

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    • It’s definitely worth a read and worth persisting with! I like long books, but they can be a struggle if you’re not really enjoying them.

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  2. Now this is a book on my TBR list! Definitely need to read it now! Thanks for sharing with #readwithme

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    • You’re very welcome! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, it’s a unique read!

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  3. This sounds really original and something I think my brother would enjoy. Great Christmas present suggestion :o)


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    • It’s totally original, it’s not like anything I’ve read before. I hope your brother enjoys it!

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    • That sums it up perfectly! It’s definitely well worth a read.

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  4. Agreed – not an easy read. It’s such a huge cast of characters and you must truly pay attention with characters and their names. I found the guest list at the beginning of the novel helped me whenever I got confused.

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    • Yes! I had to keep going back to check the guest list too. I thought the book was well worth the effort, but definitely not an easy read.

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