Project 365 2018 Week 11

It’s been a busy week dominated by my daughter’s birthday.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 70 – Sunday 11th March – Mother’s Day was one of our better ones. My kids are at an age where they buy their own presents, so this is what they bought me between them. My eldest was slightly in the dog house for not buying me a card, and my younger son surprised me by writing some lovely words in his card, which is totally out of character. My parents came for lunch, then my brother dropped in and ended up staying for ages.

Me, my husband, my dad, my brother and my eldest all went to watch my son play football. After the excitement of a 10-2 win yesterday, they lost 9-5 and it was a particularly nasty game with a horrible opposition coach and players. My son scored a hat trick, including an amazing solo goal, in which he beat four players and ran the length of the pitch to score. He was man of the match, but did come off injured at the end.

Mother's Day, Presents, 365

Day 71 – Monday 12th March – a slightly frustrating day because I had to wait in for a bathroom delivery in the afternoon, which meant I had to get chores done first thing in the morning, which is the time when I work best, so I ended up sacrificing my morning walk to fit it all in. While I was rushing around, I spotted this stunning street art.

Street art, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 365

Day 72 – Tuesday 13th March – the bathroom man was back and he got the new lights working and plastered the back wall. The windowsill is new. Apparently we didn’t have one before, I hadn’t realised! I went to help out at my son’s athletics club in the evening and really enjoyed it.

New bathroom, Window, Ensuite, Plastering

Day 73 – Wednesday 14th March – happy birthday to my 12 year old girl! She had a lovely day, despite the fact that it was a school day, rounded off with a trip to Nando’s. And she has more birthday celebrations coming up over the next few days.

Birthday, 12th birthday, Birthday presents, Pumba, 365, Daughter

Day 74 – Thursday 15th March – I went to my client’s office to work for most of the day. The bathroom man has been working on the bottom of the shower, but I didn’t get a picture, as he always stores all his tools and equipment back in there at the end of the day, so it’s hard to see much. So I’ll have to make do with a photo of my Mother’s Day flowers – daffodils from my mum and tulips from my husband, all mixed into the same vase because I couldn’t find my other vase.

Flowers, Mother's Day, 365

Day 75 – Friday 16th March – today was the day we’ve seen the most progress on the bathroom. I’m sure as much progress has been made on all the other days, but it hasn’t been as visual. Now all the pipes are covered by a false wall, the drainage is sorted for the shower and we’ve got the mirror in place. My sister and her family came round in the evening for birthday cake.

New bathroom, Bathroom, Ensuite, Mirror, 365

Day 76 – Saturday 17th March – today my daughter and her friend made me extremely proud. They’d decided to do their own mini triathlon for Sport Relief. They started off with parkrun, then went on to a 10k bike ride (I did both parkrun and the bike ride too) in very strong winds and flurries of snow. They finished off with a 1k swim. A brilliant achievement for a couple of 12 year olds!

Triathlon, Sport Relief, Cycling, Daughter, Friends, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That’s a fabulous achievement for your daughter and her friend, especially as they took the initiative to do it themselves. Glad the bathroom is coming on well.

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    • Thanks very much, I was so proud of them for taking the initiative and it really wasn’t an easy thing to do. x

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  2. What a busy week. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl & what an amazing achievement. Glad you had a nice mother’s day & hoe lovely of your younger son. The bathroom in certainly coming on xx

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    • Thanks very much, it was a busy week! My daughter had a lovely birthday and I’m so proud of her for her triathlon. x

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  3. It looks like the bathroom is coming along nicely…
    It sounds like a lovely day for your daughter…I don’t think they should have to go to school on their birthday. hehehe
    Well done to your girl and her friend. Such a great achievement x

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    • I don’t think they should go to school on their birthdays either! My daughter and her friend did so well with their triathlon, it really wasn’t easy! x

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  4. Happy Birthday and a huge well done to your girl. That sounds like a brilliant achievement in this freezing weather. Can’t wait to see what your bathroom looks like once it’s all done!

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    • Thanks very much, she did so well! The weather was horrendous. I’m hoping that the bathroom will look like a bathroom by the end of next week.

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  5. Well done to the both of them on their triathlon. Very impressive and good thoughts in trying to raise more money for sport relief.

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    • Thanks very much, they did really well and it’s great that it was all their own idea.

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  6. Great triathlon girls, a brilliant achievement.
    Lovely flowers. Happy belated birthday, next year you have three teenagers, scary thought.

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    • Thanks very much, they did really well!
      Three teenagers is definitely a scary thought, although my boys haven’t been a lot of trouble so far.

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  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter and well done on her mini triathlon. The ensuite is really coming along.

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    • Thanks very much, she did so well with it! It’s good to see the bathroom making some progress.

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  8. Happy Birthday R, last year before entering the teens. I had gifts from children 4 & 5 on mothers day, a message from child 3 in Australia and child 2 gave me flowers he’d bought on the friday but didn’t give me until the day before I flew home. I may be delaying birthday gifts this year and I only got one card. Nothing from child 1. Bet you can’t wit for the bathroom to be finished

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    • It sounds like you did pretty well with Mother’s Day! Can’t believe my girl will be a teenager in a year! I’m hoping the bathroom will be more or less finished this time next week.

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  9. Happy belated birthday to your daughter! I hope she had a wonderful day. Mixed flowers look colourful and cheerful together. The bathroom project seems like an ongoing saga, hope the end is in sight.
    Well done to your daughter and her friend for their sporty initiative!

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    • Thanks very much, my daughter and her friend did so well! It feels like the bathroom is taking rather a long time, but I’ve waited four years for it, so a few my days won’t make much difference!

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  10. How oh how did you not realise you didn’t have a bathroom window?!! Your Mother’s day tulips look lovely. They are a favourite of mine. #365

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    • I had a bathroom window, but apparently it didn’t have a windowsill! I never noticed that. I really like tulips too, think it will be a while before I see any in the garden.

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  11. What a busy week, well done and happy birthday to your daughter – Nandos is a great choice to eat out at. Glad you got some nice presents too.

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    • Thanks very much, I was so proud of my daughter. My kids love Nandos and I like it too, but for some reason my husband isn’t keen! I think it’s the queuing to order that he doesn’t like.

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  12. A busy week! Sounds like your daughter had a lovely birthday! Mine turns 12 too in a few months! Well done on their mini triathalon!

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