Project 365 2018 Week 10


Work on the bathroom is well underway (hooray!) and the weather has warmed up, thank goodness.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 63 – Sunday 4th March – this was the snow at 8am. I managed to go for a six mile run (my first run since last Tuesday) and just had to avoid the slush. The temperature got up to 10 degrees and by the end of the day the snow was all gone!

snow, garden, melting, 365

Day 64 – Monday 5th March – after losing two days at the end of last week, the bathroom man was back. There was a bit of banging around, but he didn’t seem to make much progress. My husband said he was probably having a ‘thinking day’.

Bathroom, Ensuite, new bathroom, building work, 365

Day 65 – Tuesday 6th March – definitely some progress on the bathroom today! I went to watch my son’s school football match and they won 3-2, with my son scoring the second goal. Tuesday is my bad day for driving and I had to do even more as I had to take my eldest to and from work, plus pick my younger son up from Explorers as the friend who usually gives him a lift wasn’t there.

Bathroom, Ensuite, New bathroom, Building works, 365

Day 66 – Wednesday 7th March – although it’s tempting, I’m going to try to avoid posting bathroom pictures every single day. Today I was very pleased to see the daffodils are back to life, after being flattened by the snow.

Daffodil, Garden, 365

Day 67 – Thursday 8th March – I’m still very busy with work. One of my usual clients hasn’t given me anything for a couple of weeks, but I don’t mind as my main client is giving me more and more and I’m also working on a one-off job for a new client. The bathroom is coming on slowly. There’s nothing ‘wow’ happened yet, it’s all the stuff to make things work – moving the pipes, fitting the lighting etc. It looks like the shower is starting to take shape.

Ensuite, Bathroom, New bathroom, 365

Day 68 – Friday 9th March – there didn’t seem to be much progress on the bathroom today, but it was by far the noisiest day so far. Even working in the spare room with the door shut and my hood up I struggled to block it out. Rather than another bathroom picture, I thought you might like to see Cedric, now we’ve had him for four weeks.

Cedric, Guinea pig, Pet, Cedric the guinea pig, 365

Day 69 – Saturday 10th March – a very early start, even by my standards. My daughter was going out with her friend and they needed to set off at 6.15am, so I was out at 6 to drop her off. My son ended his school football season in style (and with a lot of fun) with a 10-2 win. And I didn’t quite make it below the magical 23 minutes at Parkrun, but 23:01 was my quickest time for a very long time.

Parkrun, Running, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ha ha, Cedric was having a bad hair day then?! Glad the bathroom’s going well, if not fast. Your daffodils are so much further on than ours. They’re only just getting the flowers ready to open.

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    • Every day is a bad hair day for Cedric! Hopefully the bathroom will look more like a bathroom by next weekend.

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  2. Well done on the Park Run time, and hello to Cedric. Hope the bathroom starts to come together a bit more this week. I can’t believe how much further on your daffs are, amazing #365

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    • Thanks very much, I’m surprised our daffodils are further on than everyone else’s. I would definitely like to see the bathroom looking more like a bathroom by the end of the week!

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  3. LOVE Cedric’s hair lol, what a cutie he is. Well done on the parkrun today Sarah, whilst I have no idea on times etc hubby said that is a great time. Can’t wait for the final pictures of the bathroom, and love the ‘thinking day’. Might have to come up with that one one day in work. Have a great weekend x

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    • Thanks, I’m really pleased with my Parkrun time, it’s taken me a long time to get back to normal. The thinking day does sound a good idea, doesn’t it? We don’t mind too much as we’ve agreed a set fee. x

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  4. The thinking day made me laugh. Basically sitting about doing not very much Cedric is looking very funky there with his long spiky hair. And well done on the 23 minutes. Sounds like you’re back on form!!

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    • Thanks very much, I am finally back on form! It’s lucky we’ve agreed a set fee with the builder, so the thinking day isn’t too much of a problem.

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  5. poor Cedric you could have put his rollers in before you embarrassed him on the ‘net
    I am sure the bathroom will just come together one day once all the back ground work is done.
    23.01 is not much more than 23.00, so yes probably irritating from that point

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    • Cedric’s hair is going to get wilder as he gets bigger and older. It had been brushed before I took the photo! It was annoying that a woman cut in front of me just before the end, then slowed down on the line.

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  6. Lovely selfie! You’re a hero to run in the slush! I hope you don’t pay your builders per day. I remember we made a mistake with our bathroom project, which then took extra few weeks to finish, and he charged us per day of work. And aww @ poor Cedric. That’s how I look like, when I get up in the morning.

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    • Thanks very much! We agreed a set fee for the bathroom before he started, thank goodness. Bless Cedric, that’s how he’s always going to look 🙂

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  7. hehehe! Having a thinking a day did make me chuckle. It’s great to see the bathroom work.
    What an end to the football season for your son. 10-2! Wow!

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    • Thanks very much, the 10-2 was brilliant 🙂 We didn’t mind the thinking day too much as he’s on a set fee and at least we know he won’t make any mistakes because he’s thought it through.

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  8. Ha ha, Cedric’s hair is so cute. I just love him. Glad the bathroom is going well. I haven’t seen any daffodils here yet. xx

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    • Thanks very much, Cedric is lovely. We’ve got quite a lot of daffodils here. I can’t wait to see a bit more progress on the bathroom. x

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  9. Cedric is sooo cute! The bathroom does seem to be coming along! Well done on the run!

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  10. Cedric is sooo cute! The bathroom does seem to be coming along! Well done on the run!

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  11. Cedric is a cutie, glad to see the bathroom is coming along nicely and it hasn’t been delayed too much by the snow. That’s a good football score

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