Starting to shine again

My younger son is a highly intelligent boy. He goes to a very selective grammar school, full of highly intelligent boys and girls. Yet, for the first 18 months there, he continued to shine. Even in that environment full of very clever kids, he still stood out.

But somewhere around the middle of Year 8, he started to slack a bit. He wasn’t doing as much homework. And the homework he did do, he tended to do late on a Sunday night. His Year 8 exam results weren’t quite as good as we’d hoped they’d be. He had an issue with his French at the start of Year 9, where he was forgetting what he was supposed to be doing and ended up missing several pieces of homework.

It was starting to feel like the only things that mattered in life were his technology and his sport. He was either doing one or other, he didn’t have time for minor things like schoolwork.

But over the Christmas holidays, there was a subtle shift. He spent some time on a science project, which was all his own idea. He practised his guitar without complaining and we organised his D of E activities. Previously, he had been too stubborn to talk about these things.

Within three days of going back to school:

  • His science project came third in the class and he’s the reserve for a science competition
  • He did a brilliant piece of art
  • His maths test results were 15% higher than the class average
  • He wowed the teachers and his fellow pupils by scoring four goals and assisting in two in a 6-0 win at their first ever football practise.

He was pleased with himself for all his achievements and we were very pleased with him. With GCSE options just around the corner, I’m hoping that his few months of taking life easy are behind us.

My boy is starting to shine again.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Such a difficult age I’m glad he’s shining again. And wow at the maths result because that’s the class average not the average for his age!

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    • Thanks very much. You know at that school nothing is the average for their age! It’s great to see him more focused again.

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  2. Ahh! Well done your boy for knuckling back down to his school work….It sounds like he is doing great!
    I really think it’s a Year 8 thing. My teen was the same in year 8. I think it’s because Year 8 is a bit of a none year. There were no big exams or much pressure put on her. As soon as Year 9 came around the focus was put on looking towards GCSE’s and she started to focus again. Phew! x

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    • Thanks very much! You’re right that it’s probably a year 8 thing, I hadn’t thought of that, but it makes sense! My eldest all through years 7, 8 and 9 and well into year 10, so I have nothing to compare with! x

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  3. I love the art work, that is really amazing. It is a funny age and I think boys, in particular, do go through dips in Year 8 and 9, I put it down to hormones and growing up. I find with both of my boys that one minute I am really worried about their attitude and school work and the next, they are doing really well. I’m glad that your son is doing so well again and his maths is amazing as that is such an important subject.

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    • Thanks very much! It’s good to hear that I’m not the only one who worries about my boys – and that my boys aren’t the only ones to have a dip! I’m just the same – one minute I’m thinking they’re not doing well enough and the next minute they’re doing really well.

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  4. Wow that painting is impressive! I’m glad he’s getting back to normal, although I also think it does children good to take things easy sometimes and realise that grades aren’t the be-all and end-all.

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    • Thanks very much, I was very impressed with his painting! I think at a school like his grades are the be-all and end-all, but it is also easy for kids like him to get 7s without putting much effort in, they only have to try a bit to get 8s and 9s. x

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  5. I can’t believe how much of an all rounder your son is – he’s good at art as well?! Amazing. I think my son is just going into this phase – a lot of half-hearted homework being band in *sigh*. Glad to hear they come out the other side eventually. Fingers crossed!

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    • Thanks very much! We knew he was an all-rounder, but hadn’t realised he was good at art until he went to secondary school. It sounds like from what everyone says that the year 8 dip is a definite thing! Fingers crossed it doesn’t last too long for your soon.

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