The paddling pool

For years, my daughter has asked for a paddling pool. She felt like she was the only kid in the world who didn’t have one. And, to be honest, I think she was probably right.

My husband and the boys didn’t see why she needed one. And it would kill the grass anyway. Personally, I wouldn’t want to get in one – I’m a person who feels the cold and not a great lover of water. But I totally got why my daughter wanted one. Because she loves the water and swimming. She’s the one who will always get in an unheated outdoor pool while everyone else is wearing jumpers.

I’ve always tended to be the ‘sensible’ mum, the mum that says ‘no’. But was there any real reason to say no to a paddling pool? This year, I decided she was going to get one. Whatever my husband thought.

So if it was going to kill the grass, why not keep it on the patio? OK, so we had to move the table completely and it was a bit of a squeeze getting to the guinea pigs, but is that the end of the world?

She bought it with her own money, of course. And at the start of half-term, she stood on the patio and filled it up. It took an hour and 20 minutes. It wasn’t a warm day, but she got in it, she jumped around, she lay down, she splashed about. She was happy!

The paddling pool has brought her real joy. She is so happy when she’s in it. The rest of us may think she’s crazy or that it’s way too cold, but it doesn’t matter what we think. It is the right thing for her. Her friends have been round for a splash and so have her cousins. They have all had so much fun with it and that’s all that matters.

And my husband can see the joy it has brought to her too. Not once has he moaned about it blocking the patio. He loves seeing her happy. He has made himself chief fly and grass remover and dredges it most days, without moaning. He even briefly considered moving it onto the grass. But he soon had a word with himself and got over his temporary madness.

Sometimes you just have to follow your heart, even if it might seem a bit inconvenient. Getting a paddling pool was one of the best things we could have done for my daughter.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Your poor deprived daughter having to wait til she’s almost left Primary school before she gets a paddling pool! Surely that’s a cheap way of keeping toddlers amused for hours! My daughter offered to play with the 7 yr old next door so she could get in the pool the other day. I hope your daughter doesn’t let anyone else use “her” pool in this scorching weather.

    (You know I’m saying this with my tongue firmly in my cheek, right? )

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    • Thanks, I do know! I really don’t know why she’s never had one. Because nobody else wanted one it never seemed like a priority, but I’m glad she’s got one now.

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  2. Aww! Bless her…hehehe
    My youngest has practically lived in our paddling pool over the last week. We seem to get a new one every year x

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    • I’ve seen the pictures of your daughter, she always looks so happy in hers! I’m hoping this one will last a few years if we put it away carefully. x

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  3. I bet it meant all the more to her because she’s waited so long to get one AND bought it with her own money! How lovely. Your garden looks really pretty too.

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    • It definitely does mean more to her for those reasons. Thanks, I made sure I got the best angle of the garden, it didn’t look so nice the other way!

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  4. Aw that’s lovely. I’m glad your daughter got a paddling pool, it sounds like it’s being used lots and I’m sure she enjoyed having it while it’s been warm!

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    • Thanks very much! Strangely she didn’t use it as much when it was really hot! I think it was just too hot to even be outside.

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  5. I think this is fabulous. She does so much all the time, it must be nice for her just to chill x

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    • Thanks very much! You’re right, it is nice for her to just relax and unwind. x

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  6. She certainly bought it at the right time with the heatwave. Were you tempted to jump in it when she was at school ? I really wish our garden was big enough for a paddling pool (we have a funny triangular garden), as Katie would love a pool too x

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  7. Bless her, I think it’s wonderful that she bought it with her own money and it has been so much fun for her.

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