Project 365 2017 Week 20

A big week for us – my biggest boy started his GCSEs! It’s a weird feeling knowing I’m old enough to be a parent to a GCSE student, because I can remember mine quite well.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 134 – Sunday 14th May – my husband and eldest are going to do the Three Peaks (properly, in under 24 hours) in a couple of months, so it’s time to start training by walking up hills! The younger two and I won’t always walk with them when they train, but we did today.

Hill, Climbing, Walking, View, Landscape, Sun, Daughter

Day 135 – Monday 15th May – after a nice, warm day yesterday, it was back to dull and damp today.

Flower, Garden, Raindrops, 365

Day 136 – Tuesday 16th May – my son sat his first GCSE exams – French and biology. I felt rather strange sitting at home waiting to hear how he’d got on. For once, I was grateful not to have a lot of work.

Good luck, Son, GCSEs, 365

Day 137 – Wednesday 17th May – considering we think of Britain as a rainy place and I won’t ever refuse to run just because it’s raining, it’s actually very rare that I run in torrential rain. It happens no more than two or three times a year. Today was one of those days. I don’t think this photo does justice to how ridiculously wet I was.

Rain, Running, 365

Day 138- Thursday 18th May – my son had his third (and last) GCSE exam of the week – chemistry, which apparently went well. In the evening, my daughter swam in a swimming gala against other schools. She’s a pretty good swimmer, but she hasn’t swum regularly for three years, so she was a little bit out of her depth (see what I did there) swimming against kids who swim all the time. But it was only one length! Or so we thought. It turned out she’d been picked for the individual race of two lengths, as well as the relay team. She came fifth out of six in both races.

swimming, daughter, swimming gala, 365

Day 139 – Friday 19th May – which wise woman said that she only runs in torrential rain a couple of times a year? That would have been me! So it looks like I’ve had my full quota of running in torrential rain for 2017 in the space of just two days. And, yes, I’m sharing a little bit more of my not-very-extensive running wardrobe there.

Running, Rain, Runner, 365

Day 140 – Saturday 20th May – another PB for both my younger son and I this week at Parkrun. I got 22:23 and my son got 23:38. He will be beating my time before I know it!

Parkrun, PB, Running, 365


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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I hope your son’s GCSE’s are going well…
    It has been very wet this past week….Yesterday was the worst for us. I was soaked through on the school run.
    Well done on the PB. You are doing so well with the running x

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    • Thanks very much 🙂 I can’t believe how well the running is going!
      The GCSEs are going well so far, long may it continue! x

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  2. Hope the GCSE’s go well, you’re a pro already at hanging around waiting for news on your kids, re school, football, panto etc, you’ll survive. Oh dear about the rain and well done to you both for your new PB’s. Tell R she needs to make a little splash on top of the water when she swims front crawl, those legs are trailing, good arm movement though.

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    • Thanks very much for the swimming advice! I don’t know much about swimming at all, but I do know her arms are good! I’ll tell her that about her legs 🙂
      The GCSEs seem to be going well so far, thanks.

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  3. Good luck with all the GCSEs. Glad they’re going wel so far! And well done on smashing your PB yet again!! 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! The GCSEs seem to be going well so far, but we’ve just entered the toughest week.
      I’m so pleased with the PB 🙂

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  4. Scary time of life for all concerned hope he gets the marks he wants to allow him to move onto the next stage of his life.
    What an active family you all are, 3 peaks in 24 hrs will be tough, so good luck.
    Love the flowers in the rain

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    • Thanks very much. The Three Peaks will be really tough! My son has worked hard, so I’m hoping it’s enough and he will get the results he needs.

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  5. Love the first photo, stunning view. I’m not a huge fan of running in the rain, but I think I prefer it to running in the heat 🙂 My eldest and I did a 5k on Saturday morning, and the sun was strong. I completely overheated! Needless to say, I’m nowhere near your times!!

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    • I don’t like running in the heat at all! I’d rather run in the cold than the heat! It’s great that you can run 5k with your eldest 🙂

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  6. I love running in the rain – makes me feel really tough! 😉 Well done on yet another PB – you are amazing! Can’t believe it’s GCSE already – I’m sure they started in June when I was younger??!

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    • Ha ha, I know what you mean about feeling tough! You have to be hardcore to run in the run!
      The GCSEs definitely started in May when I did them – and I’m older than you!

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  7. Hope the GCSEs are going alright and you’re getting more feedback than I get from my Teen, mostly along the lines of ‘Yeah, it was fine’ :/ Always love a good flower in the rain shot 🙂

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  8. I hope the GCSE’s are going well. It has been very wet this past week, hopefully getting better. Way to go on the PB, you are on fire x

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  9. so sorry I forgot to comment last week! I hoper there GCSE’s are going well – I remember how nervous I was doing one all those years ago! You are doing so well with your PB’s Sarah , you are on fire! I love the sky in the first photo – all those clouds and what a great view too xx

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