A good day for sport

I seem to write a lot about sporting triumphs at the moment and I make no apology for that. This blog is about our family life and for our family sporting triumphs are important. Some families are all about travel and holidays, others are all about food. We’re all about sport.

The day my son’s football team got promoted was a very good day for sport. Because that wasn’t all that happened that day.

My son’s school sports day is stretched out over a couple of days. The previous day, he had triumphed in both the long jump and the high jump. We’d expected the long jump, but the high jump had really taken us by surprise. The previous week, he had unexpectedly come second in his year in the 300 metres, losing only to the kid who had taken the year 7 school record the previous year.

His last event was the 100 metres relay, which took place on the day his football team was promoted. He thought his relay team would win – and he was right. They’ve got some very good runners in their house, who all work well together. One of his team went as far as to say that my son won it for them, because they were lying in second when he started his run and he managed to catch up the other guy and overtake.

Needless to say, he was buzzing about his relay, especially coming on top of his victory in the field events.

On the same day, my daughter was awarded dancer of the term in her street dance class. This has been a very long time coming. Back in the day, she used to win it twice a year – once in each of her classes, but she hasn’t won it for the last three years. The teacher she had for two of those years never seemed to notice her. She seemed to prefer the girls that talked/ showed off more. That’s not my daughter’s style. She goes to her dance class to actually dance, not to be the class clown. Earlier this year, she dropped her contemporary class, as she’s now doing three ballet classes at her other dance school a week, so she only has one chance to pick up a medal.

I was so pleased to see her with that medal. I actually felt close to tears. Somehow I never thought she would get one again. When she started out, everyone knew her. She has been at that dance school longer than anyone of her age and she’s always been talented. But the dance school has grown massively. There are kids of her age who are doing five or six classes a week, so my daughter doesn’t get noticed much any more.

I think she felt she would never get it again and she so desperately wanted it. I was so pleased for her.

It was a very good day for sport in our family.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That’s brilliant and well done to both of them, what a week! I keep meaning to tell you about all the dancers I met on holiday, they really reminded me of your girl so much. They’ve all pretty much been dancing for as long as they could walk and they’re now travelling the world each summer with different dance troupes. I can totally see your girl doing that 🙂

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    • Thanks very much. They sound just like her! I could see her doing that too (as long as can get over her fear of flying!).

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  2. Ahh that’s fab! Wow, it really was a good day for sport in your house! I’m so glad your daughter got her medal without having to try to be something she’s not.

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    • Thanks very much! She’s a good girl and would never try to be something she’s not 🙂 x

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  3. Well done to your children….I love reading about their achievements.
    I am so pleased that your daughter was noticed. x

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    • Thanks very much, that’s a lovely thing to say! I’m so pleased she was noticed after all this time 🙂 x

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