Another growth spurt (or two)

My eldest overtook me in height a month after his 14th birthday. He’d always been average height for his age, possibly even a bit on the small side. But from that moment on, he grew and grew and grew. He’s now just short of 6 foot – one of the tallest kids in school, towering over most men. He’s filled out too, with big legs and big shoulders. My little boy is a man, and he’s still only 15.

My younger son has always been big for his age. He was born big and he carried on being big – tall and big built. Despite there being over two years in age (and three school years) between the boys, they were always very close in height. But suddenly the gap between them got BIG. Suddenly my younger son was closer in height to his sister than his brother. At football and rugby, he was in the strange position of being the only medium-sized kid. There were the other big kids, who were even bigger than him to start with or who had started their growth spurts early and got REALLY BIG. Then there were the kids that had always been little and always would be little. And, somewhere in between them, there was my boy.

But about a month ago, just before he turned 13 and a half, he overtook me in height.

And I looked at him walking with his brother and the gap seemed to be closing again. It was almost like the old days.

And were his shoulders looking a bit wider?

I looked back at this photo taken in September last year and I realised everything had changed. My ‘little’ boy has started his growth spurt and changed shape from the boy in this photo and he’d done it so quietly I’d hardly even noticed. Well, apart from him overtaking me in height.

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Was he closer in height to his brother than his sister again?

Er – no. It seems we have two growth spurts going on in the house right now (not to mention the tail end of growth spurt number one). I may need an extra mortgage just to pay for all the trousers…

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. You’re going to have to stop feeding them Sarah! Mine are all rather small by comparison – I’m not sure the girls will grow much more (one is 5 ft 3 and the other 5 ft 4) and son is still only up to my shoulder at 12!

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    • My eldest never stops eating! My younger son probably eats half what he does and my daughter eats very little at all! I think my daughter is about 4′ 11″ now, possibly even 5′. I’m noticing that she’s a similar height to small women now, which is strange as she’s only just turned 11.

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  2. Your eldest is going to be really tall isn’t he? And I didn’t even notice your younger boy shoot up but he really is closing that gap with his big brother. You’re going to look tiny next to them soon!

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    • I already look tiny next to my eldest and the height difference between me and my younger son is visible too! My eldest has definitely slowed down now, but boys keep growing until they’re about 18, so he might make it past 6′ yet!

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    • They really don’t! It’s going to be an expensive few years as they grow out of their clothes every few months!

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  3. Oh tell me about it – and when their feet grow the amount of footwear that needs replacing! I just had to get 3 new pairs of trainers for my youngest alone as his feet have gone up a size!

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    • Eek! To be fair, my kids’ feet seemed to have slowed down a bit, but my daughter is currently only a 4 and as I was a 6 at her age, I’m sure there are a lot more shoes needed yet!

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  4. How tall is your youngest?¿

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