Project 365 2017 Week 7

It’s been half-term here, which we were all desperate for. We haven’t done a lot, but it’s been nice to have a break from the routine and I have even been getting up slightly later!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 43 – Sunday 12th February – a very cold day. We did very little. This is the guinea pigs chilling out in the kitchen while I had the pleasure of cleaning their hutch in the cold.

Guinea pigs, Pets, Eric, Wilfred, 365

Day 44 – Monday 13th February – the first day of half-term and it was warm and sunny all of a sudden! It really felt like spring. I went for my first run in over a week and took my little ballerina to the cinema to see Ballerina. It was a really good film – I have no idea why it was on so briefly when it first came out.

spring, blossom, 365

Day 45 – Tuesday 14th February – Valentine’s Day was a bit of a non-event, although my husband and I always buy each other cards and presents. I took my son for his contact lens check-up and to buy some new school shoes, which is always a massive hassle.

School shoes, Son

Day 46 – Wednesday 15th February – not the most exciting photo, but it was exciting for me! My washing machine has been broken for a month, working intermittently at first, before stopping completely. I waited nearly two weeks for a part and was very surprised when I got home (after popping out with my daughter) to discover that it had finally been mended.

Washing machine, 365

Day 47 – Thursday 16th February – I went to the park with my daughter and her friends, then she went on a sleepover. She looks so grown up in this photo. (Her hair wasn’t supposed to look quite like that – it flew to the side when she put her head up.)

Daughter, Park, 365

Day 48 – Friday 17th February – picked my daughter up from her sleepover at 10am. Apparently she’d gone to sleep at 3.45am! Needless to say, she was pretty quiet all day. I had a meeting with a potential new client, which went well. A client meeting always means I get the work shoes out. As soon as I put these shoes on, I get my game face on and feel like I’m actually a professional adult!

Shoes, Work shoes, 365

Day 49 – Saturday 18th February – back to Parkrun today after a week off last week. I was slightly disappointed to be third in my age category, but I was 83rd out of 418 runners and the seventh woman overall, so it’s not too bad!

Parkrun, Running, 365

Project 365 is a bloghop. Hop over to see what others have been up to this week.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ahh! We have just broken up for half term….
    Hooray for the fixed washer!
    Even without seeing your girls face I can see she is looking very grown up. Eek! It sounds like a fun sleepover.

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    • I’m very jealous that your half-term is just starting! It’s such a relief to have the washing machine working again. x

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  2. Coming 3rd is still amazing and hooray for your washing machine. I think I’d cry if ours broke. We need it so much!

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    • I was so lucky that my mum could help out with the washing! The two women who beat me were 11 seconds and 9 seconds ahead of me, so it was very close!

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  3. Oh those guinea pigs, they’re just fabulous! Great to see some very early blossom too, roll on the spring! Glad your work meeting went well, if only I had a pair of shoes that turned me into a proper adult!

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    • I do love my guinea pigs 🙂 It’s amazing, but I really do feel a different person when I put those shoes on! It’s because I literally only wear them for work meetings, I guess. x

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    • Thanks very much! I always like to come first in my age category, but I guess it’s not bad to be beaten occasionally!

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  4. Thank goodness the washing machine is fixed, total nightmare not having one when you have kids.
    I never understand why they call them sleepovers, awake overs is more like it. I use to have a 2am rule, that was shut up time, maybe I was just a meany!!

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    • The girl’s mum had no idea they were awake as she went to sleep herself at 10pm! She told them to turn their phones off then and to stop talking at 10.30! I’m very lucky that I have my mum to help out with my washing, I wouldn’t have coped otherwise!

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  5. I dread the washing machine breaking down! Third in your age group is fab, don’t be so hard on yourself! Got to love sleepovers xx

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    • Thanks very much! I do like to come first in my age group, but they only beat me by a few seconds! I really dislike sleepovers, but it has to be done from time to time as I know the kids really enjoy them! x

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  6. Looking like you had a chilled half term! Your boy’s shoes look huge…I can’t imagine my boy getting so big!
    Two weeks without a washing machine is a long time, I think I’d be cheering too when it got fixed!
    Have a good week xx

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    • The shoes are huge! And he’s only 13, so they will probably get bigger yet! Thank goodness for my mum to help with the washing! x

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  7. My daughter also stayed up til the early hours at a recent sleepover, the tiredness certainly caught up with her the next day! Love the Parkrun sign, that’s a great bit of motivation!

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    • Sleepovers are a nightmare! My daughter barely spoke all day! The Parkrun sign is fab, isn’t it? 🙂

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  8. grrrr to new school shoes, thank fully i’m done with all that now, i wonder how many pairs of school shoes I’ve bought over the years with 4 boys, a pair a year minimum x 4 starting 20 years ago

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    • The mind boggles as to how many school shoes you must have bought over the years! Generally my boys are down to one pair a year now (daughter still usually has two), but unfortunately he destroyed his pair bought at the start of year 8!

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  9. Good to hear you’re back out running and I would dream of being 3rd in my age category – stop being so hard on yourself! 😉 My daughter has moments with her hair where she looks so different – and so much older too which is not good! Not doing a lot in half term is the whole point sometimes x

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    • I pride myself on being first in my age category! But I was only 11 seconds behind the woman who was first, so it’s not too bad, I guess! I think we always take it easy in February half-term. It’s not the time of year for doing a lot! x

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  10. I find shoe shopping is a pain for 1 child, let alone if you’ve got more to sort out. Hope the propsective client comes throufg

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    • I was only shoe shopping for the one! He’s particularly difficult because of his wide feet. It would be great if it works out with the prospective client. Watch this space!

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    • It was very frustrating! Luckily my mum is just around the corner and was able to help me out.

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  11. Sounds like a good half term. Thank goodness the dishwasher is fixed. That sounds like a fun sleepover. They always get so tired don’t they xx

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    • They really do get tired! I’m not a fan of sleepovers, but I know the kids love them! x

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