Project 366 Week 48

December is here, but it’s definitely not Christmas in our house – even though it’s very nearly panto time!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 332 – Sunday 27th November – my son’s football season continues to go from strength to strength. Today his team won 7-2, against a team which had previously beat them 5-1. And my son got a hat trick. This is one of his goals going over the line.

Football, Son, 365, 366

Day 333 – Monday 28th November – my last day sat waiting outside rehearsals! I can’t believe this is the last day I will have to hang round. Rehearsals step up a gear tomorrow and I will have time to go home.

Rehearsals, Panto, 365, 366

Day 334 – Tuesday 29th November – the coldest day of the winter so far. I tried to run, but two layers just wasn’t enough and I had to give up (I NEVER wear more than two layers to run). And my daughter started missing school for panto rehearsals. It’s all getting very exciting now!

Frost, Garden, Winter, 365, 366

Day 335 – Wednesday 30th November – another very cold day. My daughter had a rehearsal from 1pm until 9.30pm and the (very early) sunset was beautiful.

Sunset, Silhouette, Winter, 365, 366

Day 336 – Thursday 1st December – another frosty day, although I did at least manage a run today, and another very long rehearsal for my daughter!

Frost, Winter, 365, 366

Day 337 – Friday 2nd December – I’ve finally got some work to do! Admittedly it’s just my regular contract with the kids’ books, but at least I’ve got something to keep me busy. I’m absolutely loving this book.

Book, Work, Reading, 365, 366

Day 338 – Saturday 3rd December – just me for Parkrun today, with one family member playing rugby, one hiking, one ill and one tired. My daughter has her dress rehearsal later today, ready for her first panto performance on Monday. Oh yes she does!

Parkrun, Running, 365, 366

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. You must be powering through books right now with all the rehearsals going on. Sounds very exciting it’s almost time to go live with it all!

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    • Thanks very much, I can’t wait for the panto to start! I’m still on my third book since the start of rehearsals, my reading has slowed down now I’m not hanging round waiting for my daughter.

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  2. It sounds like the panto rehearsals are going well….Good luck for the first show on Monday!
    I hope your poorly child feels better soon x

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    • It’s a poorly husband rather than a poorly child! He’s up and down, but he’s getting there gradually. Thanks very much, we can’t wait until tomorrow! x

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  3. Another busy week of activities. Well done on the football scoring. It’s been so cold this week, but it’s great for taking pictures.

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    • Thanks very much, he’s doing so well at football at the moment. It’s too cold for me, but I have enjoyed taking photos this week.

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  4. I dont think we appreciate when we go and watch the panto just how much effort EVERYBODY has put in to make it possible, from people like you who take their children along, the children themselves and all front and back stage as well. I truly hope she enjoys her time on stage.
    Quite right at no more than 2 layers, you still have to breath in the cold air.
    Three goals, well done.

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    • Thanks very much! There is an incredible amount of work goes into a panto, but it will all be worth it. I can’t wait to see it tomorrow!
      My son is doing so well with his football at the moment 🙂

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  5. Oooh i love the frosty picture. Glad the panto rehearsals are doing well. And way to go your son. Have a good week lovely xx

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  6. Oooh i love the frosty picture. Glad the panto rehearsals are doing well. And way to go your son. Have a good week lovely xx

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  7. Well done for getting out into the cold for a run – I haven’t done a thing since last Sunday! Panto season sounds very busy – nice that the school ‘allows’ your girl out for it – I bet some wouldn’t!

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  8. well done on the contract with the kids book, love the action shot of your son’s goal. Those rehearsals for R sound tiring for both her and you, how long till opening night?

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  9. Ah the panto has come round so quickly! They’re such long rehearsals for her but so worthwhile for the sense of achievement of being in a real performance.

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  10. Hope the first panto show went well today Sarah, and what long days your daughter has had. I bet she has been shattered at the end of the day. Well done on your son for his hat trick, and yes I know exactly how you feel. It may be December but my festive cheer hits around the middle of the month (can’t be peeking too early lol) x

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  11. Love the frosty photo, it’s starting to get properly cold here too 🙂 Glad the rehearsals are going well, what a lot of work!

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  12. great photo of the frost on the leaves – it was so cold that week (compared to this week which has been so mild!). Well done to your son with his football, and i hope the rehearsals have paid off for the performance. Great chance to have a good book reading marathon though! x

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