Project 366 Week 45

It’s that time of year again – the days are short, cold and dark and there’s not enough light and nothing nice to photograph.

So it’s time for the MumofThree World 366 (365) tradition – shoe week!

Here’s our week in pictures shoes…

Day 311 – Sunday 6th November – I was honoured to be chosen to be godmother to Baby Bear – my friend Emma’s gorgeous little boy. So that called for my smart shoes.

Shoes, Christening, 365, 366

Day 312 – Monday 7th November – my younger son is the most disorganised person I know. Today he remembered his rugby boots and his guitar, which is quite an achievement for him. Unfortunately he’d left his school shoes behind after playing rugby on Saturday. At a different school about 15 miles away. I drove to the school to pick up the shoes, but couldn’t stop the nagging feeling that they weren’t actually the right ones (luckily they were!).

School shoes, Son, 365, 366

Day 313 – Tuesday 8th November – it’s just a few days until my daughter does her Grade 3 ballet exam. With panto rehearsals starting next week, this will be her last week of lessons before the exam. Parents were invited along to watch the lesson today and she did very well.

Ballet shoes, Ballet, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 314 – Wednesday 9th November – as well as ballet shoes, my daughter wears character shoes for ballet. Today was her very last lesson before her exam.

Character shoes, Ballet, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 315 – Thursday 10th November – it’s getting a bit cold for my lovely, shiny Converse trainers, but I never get round to buying myself any boots! I’ve been wearing trainers all winter since my Doc Martens and Uggs both wore out two years ago.

Converse, Trainers, Shoes, 365, 366

Day 316 – Friday 11th November – I went for another four mile run this morning. I aim for three runs a week on weekdays, plus one at weekends (usually Parkrun).

Trainers, Running, Shoes, 365, 366

Day 317 – Saturday 12th November – my younger son had another away rugby match (fingers firmly crossed that he brings all his possessions home today!) and the rest of us had Parkrun. Yes, my 13 year old son does wear size 9.5 boots!

Rugby boots, Shoes, Son, 365, 366

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  1. I’ve said it before, but I adore your converse! If you’re looking for new winter boots, I highly recommend blundstones. I have four pairs (the kids wear them too)! Amazingly confortable and they don’t even need breaking in like DMs.

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    • Thanks very much, I love my Converse too! I think I need to stop wearing them as much or they’re going to wear out. Thanks for the recommendation – I’ll look them up! I really could do with some winter boots.

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  2. Haha this is a brilliant idea, I love your week in shoes! My children are currently screaming blue murder at my husband trying to put them to bed and reading this has made me chuckle despite the chaos!

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    • Thanks, I’m glad to hear it! I did a week in shoes when I first did Project 365 and it’s become a tradition for me! It certainly makes life easier the week I do it as it’s so hard taking photos at this time of year. 🙁 x

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  3. well this is a bit different, but a great insight into the lives of your family. Gosh at the stress of panto again.
    Typical at forgetting something and expecting mum to bail you out and fetch things back.
    9.5 is rather large for 13. wonder how much bigger his feet will get.

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    • I think it sums up our lives pretty well and shows just how much we rush around! I can’t wait for panto, but I know I’ll be exhausted! My eldest has size 11 feet at age 15 – and he was always the small one! My younger is only really an 8, but he has such wide feet he has to go up a lot of sizes in football boots!

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  4. Loving all the different shoes. You must have loads in your house with all the sports stuff for 3 children. You really should treat yourself to some new boots – you deserve it after all.

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    • We do have a ridiculous number of shoes! Especially as the kids keep growing and I don’t stay on top of getting rid of them when they grow out of them! You’re right about the boots, I really ought to get some, but I always feel guilty spending money on myself!

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  5. Such a variety of shoes in your house. I remember character shoes at dancing too, although I always had the buckle ones, and leather ballet shoes

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    • We do have a huge variety of shoes! My daughter always had leather ballet shoes before, but her teacher sold her satin ones this time. I’m not sure if that’s due to her age or her grade! She will be starting on grade 4 after the panto.

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  6. Oh blimey I hadn’t realised the school was 15 miles away. Eek! Hopefully he might remember them next time now. I’m a bit of a winter humbug. I hate these shorter days. Bah!

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    • I hate the short days too! I think I was out of the house for about an hour and a half chasing around after those damn shoes! Luckily he remembered this week – that game was about 30 miles away!

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  7. I’d forgotten your shoes posts, what a pain to have to drive 15 miles to collect your son’s shoes, at least he remembered where he’d left them and you got them back

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    • When I first got to the school they gave me the wrong shoes! It was only as I was going out of the door that I realised they were too big! There were a tense few minutes where I was waiting to see if they actually did have his shoes!

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  8. Haha all the shoes! If I did this it would be ruuners/DMs on repeat. You’re running loads again – well done. A good week for me is 3 runs a week – not the best prep for a half but better than nothing! Loving the Converse!

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    • I can’t do more than three a week when I’m training for a half, but I’m trying to run four times a week now. My own shoes would make very boring viewing, but it’s a bit more varied including the kids’ shoes too!

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  9. A fun way to commentate on your week, not so sure about having to do the round trip to pick up your son’s shoes though. Do like your sparkly converses too

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  10. That is a lot of different shoes. I love the ballet shoes. I wish I could wear trainers, but I am not comfortable in them. They all look fab xx

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  11. ha ha this made me laugh! i love your week in shoes – it has become quite the project 366/365 tradition now! those converse shoes are a great colour and look very comfy. sounds like a good week for your running – good going in this miserable november weather x

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