Project 366 Week 44

The kids went back to school and the weather turned colder. It’s most definitely November!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 304 – Sunday 30th October – it’s not that I’m obsessed with Rome or anything (I totally am and I wish I was still there), but the shadow from my washing basket looks just like the Colosseum. It was a pretty quiet day for us today. My son’s football team suffered their first defeat of the season, being beaten 5-1. I’m pleased that my son scored his team’s only goal and was also named man of the match.

Washing basket, Colosseum, Rome, 365, 366

Day 305 – Monday 31st December – a brief bit of trick or treating was squeezed in before my daughter’s school disco and Scouts.

Halloween, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 306 – Tuesday 1st November – I started the month with my longest run since the half marathon – six miles, taking my total for the year to over 600 miles. My running totals for October are pretty low, but I went a whole eight days without running (the longest I’ve gone all year) because of my holiday.

Running, Distances, 365, 366

Day 307 – Wednesday 2nd November – my garden is looking very autumnal now!

Autumn, Garden, 365, 366

Day 308 – Thursday 3rd November – the first frost of the autumn.

Frost, Autumn, Garden, 365, 366

Day 309 – Friday 4th November – now it’s cold and damp, the guinea pigs can’t run on the grass any more, so they come into the kitchen for a change of scene.

Guinea pigs, Pets, 365, 366

Day 310 – Saturday 5th November – I’ve run four days out of five so far in November, notching up 17 miles. I ran my 48th Parkrun this morning. I’m hoping to manage three consecutive weeks now and get my 50th in two weeks.

Parkrun, Running, Selfie, 365, 366

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  1. It has got so much colder this week….Brr!
    Oh no! That’s such a shame about your boys football team….I suppose you have to expect losses now and again though.
    I love that your nails match your shoes! hehehe
    Gosh! Frost….I haven’t noticed any yet. It must be warmer up here in the North East.
    The guinea pigs are so cute…They look the best of friends.

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    • Thank you! The guinea pigs are lovely together 🙂 I’m pleased to say that my son’s team were back to serious winning ways again yesterday with a 12-1 win!

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    • Thanks very much! I think my daughter looks fab 🙂 I really dislike the cold!

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  2. The guinea pigs’ pic is so cute. Seems strange to see a full face picture of one of your children on the blog, but it would be a challenge to recognise her again I think from that.

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    • I think it would be impossible to recognise her as all of her defining features are hidden!

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  3. Love the colour of your converse and a huge well done on the running and parkrun number! I need to tally up my miles as have stopped tracking since my summer slump. Great Halloween costume – Argh!

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    • Thank you! I’m pleased with my Parkrun totals and it’s great to be running just a little bit further again. I’ve kept up with recording my distances – it’s been very interesting to see how far I run in a year.

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  4. its amazing how a photographers mad mind works…….love your Colosseum…
    We have had a few frosts here but they usually lead to nice bright afternoons so I dont mind.
    I bet not running for 8 days was very hard for you.

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    • I didn’t notice the lack of running too much just because we were in Rome and we were walking long distances anyway. I would hate it at home though!

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  5. Over 600 miles this year is amazing! I wish I’d managed to record mine, must try to do it next year. Love the halloween makeup!

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    • Thanks very much! I should think your running totals must be very high! I’d never recorded my distances before, but I thought it would be interesting to see how far I run in a year. x

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  6. i can’t believe your washing basket was actually empty and yes it does look like the colloseum. love the colour of your (I’m assuming) super dry trainers

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    • The washing basket was only empty temporarily!
      The trainers are actually Converse and as soon as I spotted them I knew I’d found the right ones for me!

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  7. Love that you are finding Rome in everyday household objects. I was like that when we returned from Disney, those Mickey ears were everywhere. Well done on the running and your daughter looks amazing. The picture of your guinea pigs make me go awwwww everytime I see it x

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    • Thanks! They are so cute! I can just imagine you seeing the Mickey Mouse ears everywhere! x

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  8. It has gotten so much colder in the last week. What a shame about your boys football team. My oldest has a lot of losses too. It is hard, but it’s the love of the game. Those nails are fab. And love your daughter’s costume. We’d had loads of frost, it does look pretty. The guinea pigs are getting on so well. xx

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    • Thank you! The guinea pigs are doing brilliantly.
      It’s hard losing at football. Luckily my son’s new team win a lot more than his old team did! They went on to win 12-1 yesterday! x

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  9. Your wash basket shadow definitely looks like the Coloseum. I would be totally obsessed with Rome for months….I know you’re not though ;). The guinea pigs always look the best of friends!

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  10. I rather like frosty mornings, especially if the sun is shining too. Its a good time for a walk or a run.

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  11. Love your daughters costume and make up, very good! Great converse in the leaves shot 🙂 Well done on the running, I’m slowly getting back on track, not quite up there with you yet, but I’m running every couple of days again with a brisk walk on the alternate days 🙂

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