The Tom Gates books by Liz Pichon

If you’ve got a child aged between 7 and 12 and they’ve never read a Tom Gates book, you seriously need to rectify that now.

The Tom Gates books have won lots of awards, and rightly so! They are entertaining and engaging for both boys and girls. It was my younger son who first got into Tom Gates, about three years ago. He was closely followed by my daughter. And me. I absolutely love Tom Gates.

Tom is a loveable rascal, the creation of author and illustrator Liz Pichon. He’s not a bad kid, but he tends to ignore the rules slightly and get himself into awkward situations. He is always doodling in class, just like his creator. Every page of a Tom Gates book is hand-written and hand drawn, making it easy and interesting to read for reluctant readers.

There’s nothing very exciting happens in a Tom Gates book, but they still make for brilliant reading. Tom is just a normal boy, doing normal things, so kids can relate to him. The stories are all about family and school. There’s characters that appear in every book – Tom’s best friend Derek, Marcus, the nasty boy he sits next to in class, his teacher, Mr Fullerman, with his funny eyes and his extremely grumpy sister, Delia.

The relationship between Tom, Delia and their parents is only too familiar to anyone who has a teenager and a tween, who is still essentially cute and nice.

There are now 10 books in the series and they are being published at the rate of about two a year. My absolute favourite is Yes! No. (Maybe…), which is mainly about a car boot sale, but has such a perfect and simple storyline. I was concerned that the most recent offering, Super Good Skills (Almost), may have lost its way slightly, but the second half of the book really redeemed it, with another entertaining story.

If your kids have never read a Tom Gates, I would definitely recommend they give them a try. I’m pretty sure you will love them too!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ah these sound great. I like books where nothing much happens but it’s still an engaging story. I look forward to my girls being old enough for these.

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    • They really are fantastic! I’m sure you and your girls will love them when they’re older. x

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    • I’m sure she will love them (and you will too!). I miss the David Walliams books! My boys have grown out of them, so we haven’t bought the last two. My daughter has never wanted to read them, even though she finds him hysterically funny on TV.

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  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve heard of the Tom Gates books but I didn’t realise that they were suitable for children as young as 7. Will check them out :o)

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    • They’re definitely worth checking out! The easy way they’re written appeals to younger children and the humour is still appealing to older ones.

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  3. This is on my list of books to get for my eldest two! They sound really entertaining. Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

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    • Your girls definitely need to read them! They’re brilliant. Although they’re pretty short, so they will whizz through them.

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  4. I’ve seen these books in the shops but not read one, they look really entertaining though. Will keep them in mind for when mine are a bit older.

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    • They’re definitely worth reading. They’re very entertaining.

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  5. Why have I not been reading these books! They sound right up my daughters’ (and my!) streets! I’ve been looking for a children’s series to start that I will enjoy too (that isn’t harry potter because my children clearly aren’t really mine and don’t like Harry Potter…. YET!) #readwithme

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    • It’s always good if you can enjoy the kids’ books too and I’m sure you will enjoy these. My boys enjoyed Harry Potter, but sadly I couldn’t persuade my daughter to read them 🙁

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  6. I wonder if I can get Olivia to have a look at these. She is getting really fussy with her books and if it’s not Jacqueine Wilson she won’t entertain it! #readwithme (sorry I am behind with my commenting from last week)

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