Project 366 Week 20

Week 20! It actually is very nearly summer. How did that happen?

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 136 – Sunday 15th May – I was sent the outdoor game Smite for review (review coming up on the blog next week). I expected to enjoy it, but I can safely say we haven’t had this much fun in months!

Smite, Garden, Son, 365, 366

Day 137 – Monday 16th May – an electrician came to put in some more smoke alarms and more modern lighting upstairs. I wasn’t sure why all our lighting in the kitchen had to come out too!

Kitchen, Electrician, 365, 366

Day 138 – Tuesday 17th May – my mum bought me these flowers as I’ve been miserable thanks to my skin and nasty medication.

Flowers, 365, 366

Day 139 – Wednesday 18th May – since my regular client let me go, all of my work seems to have dried up, so I’m having to make myself useful at home – starting with painting the fence. When my husband said there were ‘four areas’ of the garden that needed painting, I naively thought he meant four fence panels. He didn’t. And it’s flipping hard work!

Painting, Fence, Garden, 365, 366

Day 140 – Thursday 19th May – after my skin went downhill so quickly last week, I’ve finished my antibiotics, but the only way to keep me on the straight and narrow is to go back on Roaccutane. Less than three weeks after I came off it.

Roaccutane, Acne, Skin, Rosacea, 365, 366

Day 141 – Friday 20th May – I was back to painting fences again today. I have now painted three of the four different areas that needed painting and used an entire 5 litre pot of Cuprinol this week. I’m quite pleased with myself!

Fence, Painting, Garden, 365, 366

Day 142 – Saturday 21st May – it is exactly a year since my daughter and I ran our first Parkrun. Today, for only the second time ever, all five of us ran it, but I just ran it with my daughter – like I did a year ago. I was very proud of her. Last week she dropped out and I wondered if she would ever run again, but I’m pleased to say she decided to run again today!

Daughter, Running, Parkrun, 365, 366


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh you’re putting me to shame with your fence painting! I need to creosote the posts under our decking and just can’t seem to find the time.

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    • Thanks very much! I wouldn’t have the time if I was working, but it’s good to be doing something useful! x

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  2. well done for your daughter for going back to the park run.
    How nice of your mum to buy the flowers for you and what a shame you have had to go back onto the tablets.

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    • Thanks very much. I was so pleased my daughter went back to Parkrun. I didn’t want to put any pressure on her, but I was very glad when she decided to do it!

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  3. That outdoor game looks like great fun! I can’t wait to read about it!
    Beautiful flowers….I hope things are better now!
    Well done with the painting and good on your daughter running again x

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    • Thanks very much, I just started to feel better on Friday, thank goodness! The game is great fun -look out for my review on Friday!
      I was so pleased my daughter ran again. Hopefully she’s over her little hiccup now. x

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  4. The fence painting seems a bit tedious – I started to paint my shack three years ago and I still need to finish it!! Well done to your girl for parkrun 🙂

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    • Fence painting isn’t much fun, but I did have a real feeling of achievement when I’d done it. Was so pleased my daughter went back to Parkrun!

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  5. Aww well done to your girl for running and happy 1 year! Any chance you’d like to come paint our fence too? I think it’s been calling out for about 3 years now!

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    • Ha ha, I’m not sure I can face any more fences! Although it wasn’t too bad once I got going. Was so glad my daughter ran again. Hoping she’s over her blip now!

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  6. We haven’t had the chance to play smite yet but hoping for some better weather this week – well done on the fence painting, fancy doing mine?

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    • Not to keen to do your fence, I’ll be honest! 😉 I’m sure you’ll love Smite. It’s great fun!

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  7. The game looks great fun and I love your kitchen! Very nice. I hope your skin soon clears up again Sarah!

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    • Thank you! We had our kitchen done last year. It’s definitely the best bit of our house. My skin is looking a lot better now, thank goodness!

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  8. Painting fences is exhausting isn’t it. Sorry about work being slow for you and that you’ve been feeling a bit rubbish. The game sounds fun though #366

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  9. Way to go on the fence painting, I’ve got that and the decking to do if you ever fancy it. Glad the antibiotics are finished and hope you are feeling better. Lovely week xx

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  10. Good work on the fence! I really need to start doing some work in the garden, it’s a mess, but I’m no gardener so I keep putting it off! Hope you’re feeling a bit better this week x

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  11. Well done on the fence painting. I can imagine it was boring at times but I can imagine it looks fab now. Can you come and do our decking ? Sorry to hear you have had to go back on roaccutane so soon after coming off it Sarah x

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  12. You have made headway in the garden haven’t you. We have Smite to review too and I am hoping to get us all at it in the garden this weekend.

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  13. very well done to your daughter on the park run – determined just like her mum 🙂
    good fence painting and your garden is really coming on now. such a shame you have to return to the tablets x

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