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When I first started driving my son to and from school in September, it felt like a bit of a hassle. I couldn’t imagine it stretching ahead of me for a full seven years. I told myself I’d have to sort out lift-shares soon to take the pressure off. But my car isn’t very big. I have to take my daughter along for the ride, and will do next year too, and there’s no room for an extra child if anyone has a PE bag or a musical instrument.

And I realised something else, I like this bit of time with my two kids on their own. Anyone else in the mix would change the dynamic. I would miss the funny conversations. I’m grateful that my 12 year old still talks to me, rather than just grunts or ignores me and I’m aware this may not last forever. I like our journeys even more when my daughter is elsewhere and it’s just the two of us.

I’m not actually in a hurry to sort out a lift-share after all. I need to enjoy this time while I can. While we get conversations like this.


Son: My tooth was really, really hurting in Geography. So I pulled it out.

Me: Was there a lot of blood?


What did you do?

I put my hand up and asked if I could get a drink.

Why didn’t you drink your own drink?

It had all gone.

What lesson was this?

Third lesson.

Why had your drink all gone in third lesson?

Harry had forgotten his drink. In Maths, Harry whispered to Edward to get my drink for him and he drank it all. I hate it when that happens.

(All names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

Who knew that would even happen? Then, later in the same journey, we had this conversation:


Me: Did you get your new maths equipment?

Son: I don’t need it until Thursday.

But you could have got it today.

No, because I would have had two days to lose it then.


You really would like to think it would be possible for an intelligent 12 year old boy to hang onto a ruler and a set square for two days without losing them.


These conversations might be silly and pointless. They could easily be forgotten in minutes, but to me they’re actually priceless. I’m going to enjoy them while I can. Before my boy becomes a teenager and before lift-shares or my daughter going to secondary school forces us to change our school run arrangements again.

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  1. I totally understand this. I have 2 of mine in the car. On the way to my daughter’s school we chat and listen to music. They prefer Radio 1 so it keeps me up to date! On the way back it’s just my son and I and the 8.30 news always comes on. It always leads to a bit of discussion about current affairs and is precious time. From Sept we’ll lose this as he’ll be on the bus. 🙁

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    • We have to make the most of these things while they last! My eldest is the one who’s interested in current affairs, but he’s on the bus! My kids like listening to Radio 1 while they have their breakfast, but won’t have it on in the car.

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  2. Hehe the one about the maths kit made me smile. That’s some good logic really. I love the random
    Conversations in the car, it’s lovely bonding time.

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    • It really is a good bonding time. Although if all three kids are in the car, it’s also a really good (ie bad) arguing time!

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  3. Ha ha, love this conversations. We’ve got some way to go, but even now have some nice chats. Although ours is only a 2-3 minute drive so not much chance, but it’s still lovely to get some time away from anything else to chat.

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    • Thanks, it is nice to just have the space to chat. Our drive is only short – about 6 or 7 minutes with him in the car, but it’s amazing how much he can talk in that time!

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  4. hehehe…These made me smile…
    I enjoy the school run with my youngest…..She always talks about the strangest things but I have her full attention and she has mine.

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    • That is lovely! I love it when they talk about strange things, although I have to zone out if my son starts a monologue about a game! They can go on for a very long time!

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  5. Excellent 2 days to lose the maths equipment – love it!! We normally take bus to school unless it’s raining hard, can’t be bothered or running late so we take car more and more. Also i like those conversations – in the bus he’s a bit mute and I become embarrassing mum even though I get to do my 3 mile power walk home with coffee and bun stop on the way. Is that your car? Dead jealous. x

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    • Yep, that’s my car! 🙂 I like the sound of a three mile power walk. I think my son would be less inclined to talk on a bus too.

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  6. I feel exactly the same with my kids….and they’re both considerably younger. I spend about an hour a day in the car with them but our most profound, funny, engaging conversations often happen during those 60 minutes. Trust me, I feel awful the planet suffers as a result, but those conversations are truly wonderful.

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    • An hour a day in the car is a lot! My journey to school is about a 15 minute round-trip twice a day, so it’s only a very short time with my son, but we still have lovely conversations 🙂

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  7. I can imagine it must be lovely to have this time together to have a conversation – I used to love it when my dad used to drive me back to university on a Sunday night for exactly the same reason. Had to chuckle over your son not getting his maths set ahead of time because he would have two days to lose it. Thank you for linking to #ftmob 🙂

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    • I hope we’re still having lovely conversations even when he’s at university 🙂 I haven’t dared ask if he still has the maths set now!

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  8. I’ve just popped over from Tots 100 after I felt the mummy blogs I’d been reading all dealt with young kids! I’m looking forward to reading about what my 10yo son could be like soon! Unlike what I see so far. X

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    • Thanks very much, that’s good to hear! There are a few of us blogging about big kids, but the toddlers and pre-schoolers are much more abundant!

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  9. Absolutely love this! There is nothing I love more than the car conversations with my 2. They’re funny, clever, silly and thoughtful. Really lovery the logic on the Math stuff. Makes perfect sense to me….you obviously don’t want to get it and then lose it. #ftmob

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  10. I love having chats in the car with my 12 year old when I take him to clubs, it is a really lovely time to catch up and like you, I love the silly conversations you have sometimes.

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  11. Haha brilliant conversations, this made me chuckle! I have some comedy conversations with my two, but I look forward to them making a bit more sense like this!

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  12. I love this! I’ve started to be able to have conversations like this with my little girl, I’m sure they’re just going to get more colourful the older she gets.

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