Project 366 Week 13

The first week of the Easter holidays hasn’t been particularly exciting. Regular readers will know that I’m not very good at making school holidays fun. Ironically, being a work at home mum makes it harder than actually going out to work, as I pretty much have to do some work every day and at any time an email or phone call could come in that has to take priority over everything else.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 87 – Sunday 27th March – Easter Sunday didn’t go to plan as my mum was ill, which meant we couldn’t go round to her house, as we do every year. She gave us the food she was going to cook and the eggs for the Easter egg hunt she was going to do and we had to recreate Easter at our own house! It didn’t feel quite as special, but I think we salvaged the day!

Easter, Easter egg hunt, 365, 366

Day 88 – Monday 28th March – another day that didn’t go to plan! I really wanted a family day out, but when my eldest was sick in the middle of the night, that had to be cancelled too. It meant more work in the garden and my younger son stepping up to take his brother’s place as his dad’s apprentice!

Garden, Son, Daughter, Husband, 365, 366

Day 89 – Tuesday 29th March – my eldest was much better, but we stayed at home for the day and I did some work. This is our back patio that my husband and sons had pulled up.

Garden, 365, 366, Patio

Day 90 – Wednesday 30th March – my eldest was out with Explorers for most of the day, which meant a nice peaceful day with these two. I can get on with my work without them arguing and we still found time for a trip to the park.

Park, Son, Daughter, 365, 366

Day 91 – Thursday 31st March – my eldest was out with Explorers again today, so it was just me and the younger two at home. I found time for a quick run and my totals for March are in – 58 miles this month and 169 so far this year!

Running, Miles, 365, 366

Day 92 – Friday 1st April – my eldest was out with a friend today (are you sensing a pattern here?). I took the younger two for a walk up the hill. I nearly deleted this photo of my daughter trying to avoid the camera, but I actually quite liked it – there seems to be a lot of life in it!

Daughter, Walking, Hill, 365, 366

Day 93 – Saturday 2nd April – we took a delivery of two very large bags of stones yesterday and it was all hands on deck to get them shifted and get them down. Our garden is slowly being transformed!

Garden, Son, 365, 366


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I hope your mum is feeling better now…
    It looks like a lot of work has gone on in the garden….Well done to your helpers.
    I do like that photo of your girl….You can see she is so happy and smiling.

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    • Thanks very much, my mum is better! It was a very short-lived illness, just bad timing! The garden is certainly keeping everyone busy 🙂

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  2. I’m so inspired by the way you’re recording your running miles, I want to do it next year! Thanks for the virtual wave across the hills yesterday too 😉

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    • Ha ha, I’ll always remember to wave to you when I go up there!
      I love recording my miles – I’m always motivated to run, but I think it makes me more motivated! I did more miles in March than previously and I won’t want to do less in April!

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  3. Your garden is having loads done to it! Need to sort ours out, along with a tonne of house things too! Sorry to hear that illness is disrupting your holidays as well – here’s to week 2 being better 🙂 Well done with your running – you’ve done loads of actual runs, I fear April will be lower again for me, hung the washing out earlier and was exhausted!

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    • Poor you! I do run little and often these days! I aim to run four days a week. Hopefully I’ll start upping my distances soon to see if I’m up to a half marathon. We’ve still got stuff to do in the house too. I don’t know if it will ever be finished!

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  4. You’re making great progress in the garden! Think ours will have to wait another year, still too much to do in the house 🙂 Love that photo of your daughter. Well done on the running, you’re putting me to shame!

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    • Thanks, I’ve never taken a photo of my daughter from that angle before, but it seemed to work! I’m loving recording my miles, it’s so interesting to see how far I actually run.

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  5. Sarah please get that nail polish sorted…..
    hope you’re mum is feeling better now, the garden is looking good, i dream of brick walls and sheds

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    • Ha ha, I’m not the best at nail varnish at the best of the time, but I have terrible eczema which makes using my fingers difficult, so it’s worse than usual!
      My mum is all better now, thanks. She was only ill for one day – just a bad day to choose!

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    • Thanks very much, they certainly are better! It’s been great to see everyone hard at work in the garden. x

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  6. The photo of your girl is lovely, very nice natural shot. Hope your mum is feeling much better now. You did really well with the Easter egg hunt at yours!

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    • Thank you, we actually really enjoyed having the Easter egg hunt at our house for a change. My mum is all better now, thanks very much.

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  7. Thanks very much, they certainly are! 🙂

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  8. Ooh looking forward to seeing the finished article in your garden – looking fab! Your eldest is definitely keeping himself busy. Is it nice just having the younger two? Sounds like they get on well.

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    • Thanks very much, still a fair bit of work to do on the garden! I’m not sure there was actually a plan when it started. Yes, it’s been very nice to just have the younger two. They did get on very well when they’re on their own and there’s never any trouble!

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  9. Goodness so many people were ill over the Easter weekend and had to make new plans! I hope your Mum is feeling better now
    Lovely that your son is enjoying the work in the garden – keeps him busy and gets him lots of fresh air and exercise. that’s a lovely photo of your daughter and live your nail varnish colour x x

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  10. sounds about normal, eldest out doing their own thing, was the same here with Fifi.
    Nice to see the back garden coming along.
    Lol at trying to avoid pictures, I have quite a few of Minky this week doing the same.

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