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I started my blog over four years ago to share my kids’ funny questions and comments. At that time, they were 10, 7 and 5. Now they’re older, they don’t say so many funny things, but we do still get a few gems.

Here’s some from the last year or so…


Daughter age 8 3/4: I like the feel of scabs. It’s one of my favourite things to feel.


Daughter age 8 3/4: (on Stephen Hawking) He’s the cleverest man in the world, but he can’t talk? That’s the weirdest thing ever.


Daughter age 9: I didn’t finish my ice cream yesterday. Where would it be now?


Eldest age 13 3/4: Are hippies bad people? Why did the Americans try to kill them?


Daughter age 9 (eating lasagne): I’m just going to leave these prostitutes.

Me: These what?

D: Pasta sheets.

(Breathes sigh of relief)


Daughter age 9: I didn’t know guinea pigs had willies and minnies, I just thought they had bums.


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(Her watch has stopped, but she’s wearing it anyway) Daughter age 9 1/4: I’m just going to set it for a time when I think I’ll wake up and wonder what time it is.


Daughter age 9 1/2: All Dads are grumpy.

Husband: Oi!

Daughter: I said Dads, not DADDIES!


Daughter age 9 1/2 (to me, on the day after my birthday): You did that well. Does being a year older make you better at cutting cheese?


Daughter age 9 1/2: The Eden Project is just a lot of green sheds.

(She means greenhouses. How has she made it to 9 1/2 without knowing the word ‘greenhouse’?)


Daughter age 9 1/2: That lady was nice, wasn’t she? Old ladies are usually nice.

(The lady in question was about 46!)




Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • I know! I totally thought she said prostitutes! I nearly choked on my lasagne.

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  1. Hahaa the old lady one made me laugh. And those pesky hippies with all their flower power!

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    • The woman had a daughter the same age as my eldest! How could she be an old lady?! I think the hippy thing comes from him watching too many films!

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  2. ha these are cracking me up. Love the pasta sheets one and the old ladies. I really need to start writing the gems down my 9 year old comes out with xx

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    • Thanks. I used to write down loads, but she doesn’t say many now and the boys don’t really say any at all. x

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  3. Brilliant, I love these. I’m glad to see children still keep saying ridiculous things as they get older. On second thoughts of course they do, I still do it at 35…

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    • Ha ha, you and me both! Thanks 🙂

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  4. I love this! I think it’s brilliant that you keep a record of these and they may be older but there are some classics there

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    • Thanks! There certainly are! They’re few and far between these days, but they still come out with them from time to time 🙂

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  5. lol bless, they say the funniest of things. And get us into trouble at times. Sometimes I am the same with my oldest, when he comes out with crazy things. So cute though x

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    • It’s very cute! We’ll miss it when they don’t accidentally say funny things any more.

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  6. This post REALLY made me smile. I love the random things my two come out. Often about bums or poo. Sometimes boobies! Hilarious xxx

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  7. Old ladies at 46ish. Great way to make you feel past it but when j was her age I though 35 was old

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