The new house – the final push

We’ve been in our not-so-new house now for over 18 months and we’ve changed so much in that time. We’ve dragged it from 1980s nightmare to a very pleasant 21st century home, which is lovely to live in and should hopefully stand the test of time. (I always laugh at the thought of people moving into our house in 40 years and thinking it’s as bad as we thought it was when we moved in!)

Since moving in, we’ve had a brand new bathroom, we’ve painted all the walls and replaced all of the carpets. We’ve got new interior doors and a new front door and had all the wood on the front of the house re-painted (we still need to get the back done). And we’ve made our kitchen and dining room open plan and had the most beautiful (and functional) kitchen fitted.

PicMonkey nicehouseCollage

But there are still pockets. Pockets of bad bits. Pockets that need work.

There’s the horrendous ensuite bathroom and two other toilets – both firmly stuck in the 1980s with tiles to match – one with a leaky sink and one with a dodgy flush. And there’s our bedroom, which although it’s got the paint, the carpet and the new curtains, desperately needs reorganising and some decent furniture. And there’s some seriously bad lighting throughout the house.

PicMonkey badhouse Collage

Every time we get something new done, the bad bits seem to look worse – and become less functional, like those flipping toilets. We really need the final push to sort them out. To be honest, the two little toilets won’t cost much at all, although the ensuite is likely to be more expensive. The bedroom is mainly a case of some new wardrobes and a bit of careful thinking.

There’s lots of inspiration out there – for bathrooms, bedrooms and lighting. As we move into autumn, we will be taking the time to get some ideas together.

Our bathroom space is limited, so we want something which is simple and functional, but hopefully also relaxing, stylish and timeless. That’s not too much to ask, is it? I’m going to be collecting ideas together so I can compare them and see what works best for us.

Hampstead Wetroom : Minimalist bathroom by Refurb It All

Photo credit: Refurb It All/ Homify

The bedroom too should be relaxing, but my main requirement is tidy and organised! (Of course being tidy and organised helps make it relaxing.) At the moment we just don’t have enough storage to keep it that way.

Come the spring, I’m hoping we can actually put some of these plans into action. It’s the final push to bring our home into the 21st century.

This post was written in partnership with Homify.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Sarah why an earth would you want to get rid of that fetching pink corner bath !!! Its never ending with houses isn’t it. We have been in our house for 15 years, and I would love to start all over again and redo the bathroom and kitchen. Looking forward to seeing the new changes next year x

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    • Isn’t the bath beautiful? 😉 I can imagine that after 15 years you would be ready to make some changes. I can’t wait to share our updated bathrooms next year! x

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  2. There is also something needing done in the house isn’t there? Looking forward to seeing your changes. x

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    • There certainly is! Thanks, I can’t wait to share them – hopefully next spring! x

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  3. I think I’m really excited for you that the pink bathroom is going. That’s a bit sad isn’t it? You need to sit for 3000 hours on Pinterest and just find gorgeous bathrooms. Then probably just go for a nice realistic one from somewhere 🙂

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    • Thanks! I’m so desperate to see the back of the pink bathroom. Will be nice to have two working showers as we get a bit of bathroom congestion sometimes! I’m not a big Pinterest user, but I have had a look at some of the bathrooms. They’re out of this world! I will need to aim a bit lower, based on space and cost!

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  4. Oh wow it sounds like you’ve done an amazing job in 18 months! I’ve had my house 12 years and it still desperately needs sorting out. That wet room is gorgeous. I’d love to do something like that if ever we get around to building a much needed extension.x

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    • Thank you! I think the wet room would be perfect for the space we’ve got. We certainly have achieved a lot in 18 months – it was amazing what we actually achieved in the first month, to be honest! We just desperately need these bathrooms sorted now.
      Fingers crossed you get your extension! x

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  5. However much you’ve still got to do, I’m LOVING what you’ve done so far – particularly the shower room. Looks ace 🙂 x

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    • Thanks very much! We’re very pleased with what we’ve done so far. It just makes the rest of it look so bad, plus the bathrooms are deteriorating fast to the point where we’re almost unable to use them! Four toilets is too much, but one is definitely not enough!

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  6. I remember seeing the before pix for your kitchen and bathroom before your wonderful transformations! Although it’s frustrating not having everything redesigned and redecorated, you often get a better idea of what your needs are for the family and home when you’ve been settled in the house for a while.

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    • That’s a really good point and one I hadn’t really considered before. One thing I have discovered is we definitely do need three toilets and sinks, even though it seems like a lot. With two out of action, we’ve constantly got kids moaning that they can’t brush their teeth or go to the toilet because one of the others is in the bathroom!

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