Project 365 2015 Week 26

Week 26! Halfway through the year! June is always a busy week and this has been one of the busiest weeks I can remember. I’ve really enjoyed it, but it’s been very tiring!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 171 – Saturday 20th June – at Britmums Live! I thought about posting a pic of Carol Smillie and her pants , but in the end I opted for these two lovely ladies – Emma from Crazy with Twins and Candace from Us Three By the Sea, who kept me company all weekend.

Britmums Live, Friends, Selfie, 365

Day 172 – Sunday 21st June – after a tiring Britmums weekend, my daughter and I spent 12 hours at a theatre dancing in a show. There were two performances, each lasting four hours (although we only danced for about 12 minutes in each performance!). This is me in one of my fabulous costumes. The downside of getting 9 year olds to take photos is you don’t get full-length photos!

Dance, Selfie, Theatre, 365

Day 173 – Monday 22nd June – the French exchange boy is here! Actually, he arrived yesterday, but I only saw him very briefly after my long day at the dance show. I’m pleased to say he brought us some biscuits!

Biscuits, French exchange, 365

Day 174 – Tuesday 23rd June – the French boy is a pescetarian and we wanted to give him traditional English food, so the chip shop was the obvious choice! (OK, I had a veggie burger!)

Fish and chips, French exchange, 365

Day 175 – Wednesday 24th June – my daughter injured her shoulder at school yesterday, so she’s back on regular Calpol.

Calpol, Daughter, 365

Day 176 – Thursday 25th June – a sunny day and a day of work means – a flower photo from the garden!

Flowers, Garden, 365

Day 177 – Friday 26th June – I went to watch my younger son and my daughter representing the school in an athletics competition. They didn’t win or make it through to the finals, but it was still great to watch them try! I love this look of absolute determination on my son’s face.

Running, Racing, Athletics, Son, School, 365


Day 178 – Saturday 27th June – my biggest boy’s 14th birthday! Of course Pumba was out to celebrate.

Birthday, 14th birthday, Son, Pumba, 365

Project 365 is a bloghop! Add your posts to the linky from 9pm on Saturday and hop over to find out what others have been up to this week.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oooh your costume is great, and I love the athletics photo – there is some real speed happening there! Happy birthday to your boy, hope he has a great day.

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    • Thanks very much! The costume looked fab, despite it just being a cheap Primark thing. I loved the expression of determination on my son’s face 🙂

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  2. What a busy week for you…Mostly enjoyable though apart from your girls shoulder! I hope it feels better soon! Happy Birthday to your boy I hope he has a great day x

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    • Thanks very much. It’s been a very busy week! My son has had a lovely day, thanks x

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    • Thanks very much, he’s had a lovely day. Great to see you at Britmums too 🙂

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    • I don’t know how I did that show either! I was absolutely exhausted! It’s taken me nearly a week to recover. x

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  3. So sorry we didn’t get to meet Sarah. I saw you a few times at BritMums but didn’t get to speak to you! Belated birthday wishes to your son! I hope he had a great day. x

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    • Sorry we didn’t meet too – we always seemed to be going in the opposite direction or on the other side of the room.

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  4. Awww your boy’s face! That is determination 🙂 Busy weeks can be good sometimes, make us appreciate those quiet times x

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    • Thanks very much. I love his determination! I think I’ve done at least 10 weeks’ worth of stuff this week – I’d rather it was spread out a bit more. I’m definitely ready for a quiet week! x

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  5. Wow, it was a busy week! Love the costume, and well done on managing all that straight after BritMums. Love the photo of your son running! Happy birthday to your boy 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! My biggest boy had a great birthday and I love the running photo too, even if it is a bit blurry! I still don’t feel recovered from the week yet!

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  6. An incredibly busy week. Hope your son had a lovely birthday and that next week is a bit quieter so you can recover.

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    • Thanks very much! I so need a quieter week! It will definitely be a bit quieter, but I realise it’s basically busy all the way to the school holidays and beyond now.

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  7. What a week you’ve had. Have you sat down for any of it? Hard to believe Britmums was last week!! love the dance outfit 🙂

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  8. Gutted I missed Britmums but it sounds like everyone had a great time. Love the costume!

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  9. Happy belated birthday, love the balloons, hope he got some things he wanted.
    He deserved to win if determination got you first place.
    I am sure no visit to the UK would be complete without a lesson on traditional fish and chip shops, hope he is enjoying his stay.

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  10. i hope your daughters shoulder gets better soon, she really hasn’t had much luck this year. Happy Birthday to your son, hope he loved all his presents. How did it go with the exchange student?

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  11. Lovely costume! Happy belated birthday to your big man! Did the French exchange student enjoy fish and chips?

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  12. Wow that’s what you call a busy week! I hope your son had a great birthday and that this week has been a bit quieter for you!

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  13. well done you and your daughter on the dancing – what a long day though. i hope you enjoyed britmums – it looked busy and fun from the photos i saw.
    i hope the French boy is settling in well – bringing biscuits is a good move on his part lol
    and happy 14th birthday to your big boy x

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