Project 365: Weeks 27 & 28

It’s another two-week extravaganza from me this week. I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through the year. How did that happen?

Day 180 – Sunday 29th June – I got back to running long distances today! I woke up with a bad leg and wasn’t sure if I’d managed to run at all, but I did eight and a half miles and kept my time below nine minute miles. I was very pleased with these feet! (And, yes, I am wearing odd socks!)

Running, trainers, feet, training

Day 181 – Monday 30th June – after ballet class, my daughter sat on the floor and spread her character skirt out around her. That was definitely a photo opportunity!

Daughter, dance, skirt, 365

Day 182 – Tuesday 1st July – my first day working away from my dining table – I caught the train to Manchester early in the morning for a job. I thought it looked better in black and white!

Railway station, work, black & white, 365

Day 183 – Wednesday 2nd July – I finally started to take Roaccutane to hopefully cure my acne after nearly 30 years.

Roaccutane, acne, 365

Day 184 – Thursday 3rd July – after much nagging by my daughter, we made it to the outdoor swimming pool for a quick swim. I’m amazed I caught this pic in one go – and amazed that she hit the water and not the side!

Daughter, swimming pool, jumping, 365

Day 185 – Friday 4th July – lunch time! This is my once a week treat – I sneak off by myself and eat the most delicious pizza for lunch while reading my book.

Pizza, lunch, book, 365

Day 186 – Saturday 5th July – we were very excited to go to Weymouth for the weekend to spend time with our friends who moved away last year.

Weymouth, friends, seaside, 365

Day 187 – Sunday 6th July – we had a quick tour of the area near Weymouth. This is Chesil Beach, seen through the Olympic rings on the hill at Portland.

Chesil Beach, Olympics, view, sea, landscape, 365

Day 188 – Monday 7th July – just a snap from my garden today.

Flower, garden, 365

Day 189 – Tuesday 8th July – our FOURTEENTH wedding anniversary. I bought my husband this print of the Cheltenham Banksy, which we’re really pleased about as now it’s causing all sorts of controversy and will almost certainly disappear.

Bansky, Cheltenham, 365

Day 190 – Wednesday 9th July – love the view of these pink flowers in my garden. Anyone know what they are?

Flowers, pink, garden, 365

Day 191 – Thursday 10th July – my lovely younger son has been losing lots of teeth lately. There’s three teeth missing at the bottom of his mouth!

Son, Teeth, Gaps, Smile, 365

Day 192 – Friday 11th July – the kids have been using loom bands for a few months now, but my younger son has just got obsessed! He’s got thousands of bands now and is turning out more and more intricate designs.

Loom bands, colour, 365

Day 193 – Saturday 12th July – the boys have needed a haircut for weeks now, but we just haven’t had time. I finally dragged them to the barber’s today and my daughter took this on my phone.

Sons, Barbers, 365

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    • Thanks, those beach views were stunning! I think everybody with primary age kids has a house over-run with loom bands!

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  1. Love the perspective you have used for the beach picture, nicely different. The buildings in Weymouth look very reminiscent of the hey day or British seaside holiday tourism back in the 60’s
    My fav pic is the ballet skirt one.

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    • Thank you, I was pleased with the ballet skirt pic even though the quality isn’t great – indoor photo on my phone. Weymouth is definitely like traditional British seaside – I loved it 🙂

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  2. Love the photo of the beach through the rings, fab shot! Great capture of your daughter jumping into the pool 🙂 My boys were at the barbers today as well!

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    • Thank you, I’m not sure how I got the swimming pool shot, it was just one of those really lucky ones. A bit more thought went into the Olympic rings pic though!

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    • Thanks very much, it’s nice to hear that I’ve taken good pics with just my iPhone 🙂

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  3. I love the sound of your Friday treat – sounds like some perfect alone time. The loom banding will be snowballing here soon with the girl’s birthday next week – Loom and hundreds of bands ready to be wrapped!

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    • Hope your daughter has fun with the loom bands! I love my little lunchtime read – and it’s even better with my favourite pizza 🙂

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  4. wow Sarah some really striking shots honey 🙂 .. i dont get the loom band thing .. although my teen does x

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    • Thanks very much, Jaime. I don’t know how to do the loom bands, but my younger son is really good at them!

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  5. Great action shot, jumping in the pool! Love the loom band picture too, very colourful.

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  6. Love the photo of her jumping into the pool! The shot of Chesil Beach is gorgeous too – as is the one of the boys having their haircut! Great photos – hope you enjoyed your trip away and Happy Anniversary!!

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    • Thanks very much! Incredibly I managed to get good photos of each of the kids jumping into the pool – all in one shot! Chesil Beach is an amazing view.

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  7. We go to weymouth a lot but never made it up to Portland Bill……never realised the olympic rings were even there!
    Love the pic at the swimming pool xx

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    • Thanks very much, that was a really lucky one!

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  8. Some great shots here. Love the pool on – and a great site for an outdoor pool. Is it at a park? Ours hasn’t really got anywhere for sitting around it.

    Love the barber shot too – works really well in black and white

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    • The swimming pool is next to a park, but it’s got lots of grass to sit on around the pool. It’s a proper old-fashioned place, it’s lovely. Thanks, I think the barber shot needed the black and white to make it work!

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  9. The view through those rings was amazing! The water in the swimming pool was surprisingly warm – we went on a cloudy evening, but the weather was very warm and so was the water 🙂

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  10. I have to say, that’s a brilliant capture by your daughter at the end! I also love the one at the station, obviously black and white is the way forward! Looks like a fab time in Weymouth. So great to get away isn’t it?

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  11. Ooh are those your new running trainers? That skirt is fabulous, what a great shot. Weymouth looks and sounds lovely, I have never been but it looks like you all had a great time catching up with friends. Is the pool the lido? Haven’t been there for years, I must take the kids there, they would love it.

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