Saturday is big rock caption day!

My kids are at that age now. When I get my camera out they moan, hide or pull a stupid face. I try to catch them when they’re not looking – then they spot me and stick their tongues out or do a silly pose. What they NEVER do is ask me to take their photos.

My eldest is a bit adventurous. He likes wandering off on his own and doing things that are dangerous. If there’s a big rock nearby, he’ll be up it before you can say, well, ‘big rock’. So here he is. On a big rock at Portland Bill near Weymouth.

And what did he do? He asked me to take his picture! He even told me exactly where I should stand to take it, so it would ‘look cool’.

Ladies, and gentlemen, I give you my teenage son on a big rock. Can you caption him?

Son, rock, Dorset, satcap


Author: Sarah Mummy

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    • It’s not as bad as it looks – he got there from the top rather than by climbing up! Still scary at the edge though.

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  1. Just see mums face when I jump………Geronimoooooooooooo
    In all seriousness, we go coasteering not far from here, would love it if you want to join us…..Kian loved it last year at the same age xxx

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    • Thanks! We probably won’t be in the area again this year, but will definitely get in touch if we stay for longer next time 🙂

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  2. Testing mum’s blood pressure medication turned out to be more fun than they thought!

    And as the mum of a true dyed in the wool mountaineer – you are in for an amazing, if heart stopping future! well done that boy – keep on climbing!

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    • Thanks very much, very true about the blood pressure – although my daughter panicked more than me!
      I just hope he never goes up Cryb Goch (might have spelled that wrong) near Snowdon – it terrifies me!

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  3. This is a test to see how many grey hairs I can make grow out of Mum’s head, in a short space of time….

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    • Love it! Thanks 🙂

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