Things to remember (Britmums Live)

Right now, I am sat on the train on my way to Britmums Live in London. Maybe you are too? There’s around 500 of us going.

I literally can’t wait! I’ll be spending the weekend with some of my favourite blogging friends – some I’ve met before and some I’m really looking forward to meeting for the first time. Oh, I’ll hopefully be picking up a few tips to make my blog better too.

Going away and leaving my kids is a very rare event for me. Leaving my kids and husband to work out how to do basic and less basic things around the house is quite scary. I guess I’m a bit of a control freak but, in my mind at least, they need me to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Without me, they have lots of things to remember. I’m not sure how my husband will cope (I suspect my daughter will be the brains behind the operation!).

This is what he has to remember (this is probably not an exhaustive list):

  • Pick the boys up from Grandma’s house and take them to the Scout camp drop-off – with fully-packed rucksacks and the right forms and the right money.
  • Pick up daughter from her friend’s house.
  • Get the washing in.
  • Get the recycling boxes in.
  • Empty the dishwasher (this is one of many jobs that the fairies do).
  • Drop daughter at Grandma’s house so she can take her to her swimming lesson.
  • Run under 10s football training session for the morning (this is the one thing he won’t forget).
  • Pick daughter up from Grandma’s, help her get her dance stuff ready and crimp her hair (yes, seriously!).
  • Drop daughter off at theatre for dance dress rehearsal – with drinks and snacks.
  • Pick daughter up from dress rehearsal.
  • Give daughter tea with some nutritional value (is it just my husband who completely resorts to eating out/ takeaways when I’m not around?).
  • Ensure daughter gets to bed at a reasonable hour so she wakes up fresh and energised for her dance show.

PicMonkey rememberCollage

Luckily, I will be home late on Saturday, so I can worry about hair crimping and the arrangements for the theatre on Sunday morning and I’ll be home ready to do the inevitable two loads of Scout washing.

I’ll be honest, leaving my family to fend for themselves (even though it’s only really my husband and my daughter) does make me a bit anxious. But I think it’s good for my husband to see just how much I balance every day (and I’m not even making him do any washing and I just know he won’t cook).

And the good news is, once I’m out with my lovely blogging friends, I won’t even have time to worry about whether they’re coping or not.



Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Bless him, that’s quite an achievement! Although my husband took my daughter to tap dancing the other day and started heading for the street dance school. They did remarkably well – my husband did washing even though I didn’t expect him to and unpacked the Scout stuff, as well as doing the garden. He was on his own a fair amount, so he used the time very wisely. I was most impressed!

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