The England game

What does a family of football lovers do when their national team plays a game that kicks off at 11pm? They try to stay awake. They wouldn’t go for the far more sensible option of just recording it and watching it first thing in the morning as live.

Now when I say ‘family of football lovers’ I wasn’t including myself in that. I like the excitement of the World Cup for the kids and, if an England game kicked off at a reasonable hour, I would be happy to sit and watch. But nothing is worth trying to force myself to stay awake until nearly 1am for – whilst also supervising my own very tired kids.

My husband had very sensibly opted to meet his colleague in the pub for the game. Because there is no way he could have stayed away to even see the kick-off, let alone the match. The previous night he’d been adamant that he would watch the 11pm game, but fell asleep on the settee and had a lovely sleep in his suit until 5.30am.

Plan a) had been for the boys to watch in their beds, so they could fall asleep in their own time and for my daughter to just go to bed. But my daughter doesn’t like to miss out. So at 7pm, yes SEVEN pm, she said she would get ready for bed and be in bed by 7.15 so she could get up again at 11. This I had to see. This is the girl who is rarely asleep before 9.30 and has bad nights when she can’t get to sleep until 11.ย She turned her light off just before 7.30 and I didn’t hear another sound. I looked in on her at 8.15 and she was most definitely asleep.

Having agreed that my daughter would actually get out of bed to watch the game, rather than watch in bed (she doesn’t have a TV in her room), it seemed mean to the boys to make them watch in bed. So plan b) was that they would all watch downstairs. Which meant I had no choice but to stay up myself.

Having managed to stay awake, my younger son got his pillow and duvet out just before kick-off. That was always going to be fatal. I wasn’t sure if my daughter was going to make it out of bed, but she did. My younger son was essentially asleep when the game kicked off, although he stirred when it looked like England had scored in the first few minutes (it had gone into the side netting).

I was desperately fighting the urge to sleep myself. I can stay awake for a long time – as long as I’m not in front of the telly. I can only manage an hour of TV at night as it just makes my eyes so tired. I wrapped Father’s Day presents in a bid to be active and keep myself awake, but all I wanted to do was sleep.

Italy scored, then England scored 90 seconds later. A physio got injured on the sidelines, that’s not something that happens too often. My younger son was completely oblivious. Even his brother hitting him and saying ‘Oi, they’ve scored’ had no effect.

My daughter sat on my lap as I fought sleep and my eldest, the most awake of us all, declared us all ‘boring’ and decided to watch in his room after all. I was praying my daughter wouldn’t want to watch the second half.

Does anyone get those really random thoughts just as they’re falling asleep that make no sense, but they seem like they’re true at the time? I was watching Rio Ferdinand talking in half-time and I was absolutely convinced he reads my blog. I managed to come to my senses a second before I said it out loud to my kids.

‘Shall we watch the second half in your bed?’ said my daughter.

YES! That’s what I wanted to hear.

She lay down on the pillow to ‘watch’ and so did I. I had no idea what happened in the second half. At 1.30am I turned the telly off and, at some point, my husband came home to find lights and TVs on everywhere, his daughter asleep in his half of the bed and his son asleep on the settee.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. The football is generally playing havoc with our routines, hubby keeps letting the boys stay up but he doesn’t have to deal with the fall out of grumpiness the following day. I don’t mind with the England games but I didn’t let them stay up until 11

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    • My kids haven’t been any worse with bedtime than usual – or any grumpier. Their bedtimes have been a nightmare since the Olympics – we never recovered from that!

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  2. To be honest world cup mania has completely passed me by this year… wouldn’t it be cool if Rio does your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ #PoCoLo

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    • It would be rather cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Love it! True dedication ๐Ÿ˜‰ Only one footie fan here so he watched in his bed – with headphones! Let’s face it, the England Team need all the support they can get :S Thanks for linking #PoCoLo

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    • They certainly do (did). Did he manage to stay awake?

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  4. My fella and I stayed up to watch the match….No chance of us falling asleep….lol We got right into it. Good job the kids were in bed the air was blue….lol x

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    • Well done on staying awake! I think you’re the first person who has said they enjoyed it!

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  5. My husband is watching it downstairs. He would go up and update me. Half asleep, half awake me would comment but when I woke up the next morning I cant remember anything other than my sleep was interrupted a lot by him and the cheering from the pubs near us =P #pocolo

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    • Oh dear! I bet the cheering from the pubs was loud!

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