The Gallery: What I’m doing right now #widrn

What I’m doing right now is taking a risk. Because I’m watching my daughter’s swimming lesson – and taking photos at our swimming pool is a hanging offence.

For those of you not familiar with Instagram (and if not, why not?) #widrn or #widn is a sort of Instagram game. Someone posts a picture of what I’m doing right now #widrn and tags a couple of friends and they do the same. So they might be loading the dishwasher, eating cake, on the school run or (more often than not) sat in front of the computer catching up on social media.

For this week’s Gallery to work and be true to the #widrn now concept, the photo had to be taken as we read the prompt. I read it at the swimming pool.

So that’s my knees and that’s the pool and you can’t see any scantily clad people, so hopefully I won’t be shot at dawn for this breach of council policy.

Swimming lessons are every Saturday morning. I hoped this would be taken on our second to last week ever, but as regular readers will know we have to put up with them for another term yet.



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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. You’ll miss these Saturdays once you don’t have to go 😉 nice jeans!

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  2. Swimming, my favourite activity. I don’t take my older one anymore as she is an excellent swimmer, but cannot wait to start taking Olivia soon.

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  3. Blimey girl, taking your life in your hands there! I can’t believe you’re having to stick it out for another term *yawn* swimming lessons were always my pet hate.

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  4. Yes we have militant photo police at our pool – but I guess I understand.
    Need to get on this instagram thing #keepingupwiththeyoof

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  5. Been reading your blog for ages, finally thought I’d jump right in.

    Never did learn to swim, despite loads of swimming lessons…..#likeabrick

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  6. Love your jeans! I don’t get to sit when I watch my son’s swimming lessons because I am too busy trying to stop my daughter running away!

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  7. We have yet to experience this particular pleasure. In fact, I wonder if I should just stop reading your and Suzanne’s blog as they keep putting the fear into me about all these activities I have to *ahem* look forward to, although with just the one child hopefully it will be a little less chaotic than your schedule! x

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  8. Glad you like the new blog, Laura! I’m just getting to grips with it and this is my VERY FIRST COMMENT.
    Good to know they have militant pool police in other areas too, Mama Elsie! You really should get onto Instagram – it’s fab!
    Welcome DeathValleyCycle! Always nice to hear from new readers!
    I love my jeans, Tas! I have two pairs like this and went to buy ANOTHER pair recently, but they don’t seem to do them any more. Damn Superdry, always keeping ahead of the trends! 😉
    Well done to your eldest, Kahanka! It obviously runs in the family.
    The one things I do like about swimming lessons, Suzanne, is the peace! Half an hour on my own to read or tweet 🙂

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  9. He he, a familiar view. Despite the vastness of the pool I take my little boy to, all I can ever hear is his voice carrying across the water – loudly.

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    • Very cute, My Type of Thing! 🙂 Thanks very much for commenting.

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  10. Excellent clandestine shot! I’m surprised you didn’t get hung, drawn and quartered! 😉

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  11. Indeed, Lou! I really was putting my life at risk taking that one! 😉

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