The Gallery: Yellow 2014

Daffodils, sunshine… Two of my very favourite things, two things we’ve seen a lot of over the last few things, two things that are YELLOW.

But, actually, when I think of yellow, they’re not the first things that spring to mind – the first are my beloved, worn-out, gas-guzzling Beetle and my younger son.

The two are inextricably linked. One arrived on my 30th birthday, its name to be determined by the arrival of the other – four weeks to the day after my birthday. I had a boy’s name and a girl’s name in mind – the baby would get one and the car would get the other. So, four weeks after I obtained her, my car became female and was christened Daisy.

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Yellow was always my son’s favourite colour. I don’t know why it’s his favourite, but it is. Maybe it’s that inextricable link with my beloved Beetle. He’s always worn lots of yellow clothes. Yellow is a funny colour to wear, as I explained to my daughter as she eyed up a yellow dress in the Next Directory. But it suits my son, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s his sunny personality which shines through everything he does, or maybe it’s just that he’s as pale as porcelain, without a hint of pink, so white he almost glows.

But my boy loves yellow. And I love that he loves it. And I love that stupid car that drinks twice as much petrol as it should do.

This post was written in response to a prompt on The Gallery at Sticky Fingers Pop over to see how others have interpreted the theme ‘yellow’.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Love that car, a real Beetle yellow. I remember my Mum with an old pale green one, most unreliable car we ever owned when I was growing up but we still loved it! Great when kids have a favourite colour too. My daughter loves purple but I must say the boys have never been drawn to a colour.

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  2. Yellow is such a happy colour, I love the car and that it’s your son’s favourite colour when it has such a close link with his arrival 🙂

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  3. Love yellow, it’s cheerful & happy & reminds me of Spring.
    I’m guessing that your son won’t always love the colour as he gets older – but he looks so lovely in it!

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  4. You know I found it really hard to find a yellow photo!
    My oldest and I play a game called “Yellow Car”, and for a yellow beetle? you get 4 points, cause they’re so awesome! 🙂

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  5. I KNEW you would be in your element with this theme! 😀 I think you’re right though, your son and the Beetle must have some link. Lucky boy to be able to carry off wearing it as well; wish I could! x

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  6. That is an amazing car! What a great colour! I love yellow on my daughter.

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  7. Ooh, my dream car as a kid was always a yellow beetle! My son also looks great in yellow.

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  8. Thanks very much, everyone! It’s great that you all like my car 🙂 You’re right, Izzie, my son is slightly going off his yellow now. The yellow clothes are the ones which are getting a bit small and they’re being replaced by navy. It’s not the same! He has a spring in his step when he wears yellow.
    My kids play ‘yellow car’ too, Marylin – it involves hitting each other. You get one smack for a yellow car, a soft-top, a Beetle or a Mini. So a yellow, soft-top Beetle is three smacks! Not good!

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  9. I love your yellow Beetle and knew that you would choose it for your photo today – what else?! So funny that you had two names – one given to the car and the other to the baby!

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  10. What a perfect name for a bright yellow beetle! I love it 😀 Great that you son loves yellow too as boys clothes can be so drab sometimes.

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  11. I agree with you yellow is one of the best colours, happy and sunny. Love your car, my mum had an Orange beetle in the 70’s, a great car but not the most comfortable of rides!!

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  12. Thanks very much, ladies. There’s no way I could ignore the car, Suzanne! I can’t imagine the old Beetle was very comfortable, Hellie!

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  13. Fab car, wouldn’t miss you in that haha! Such a happy, sunny colour. Lovely post

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  14. Thanks, Mama Owl, I LOVE my car (even though something new falls off/ gets scraped/ stops working practically every day!).

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