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My younger son has shared a bedroom since he was 22 months old. Only a few months after we moved into our old house, we found we were expecting another little person into our lives, so the boys moved in together.

That shared bedroom was a tip. The floor was covered in stuff, the cupboards were rammed with stuff. The beds were a mess. The books weren’t visible on the bookshelf because there was so much other stuff piled up on there. They never threw a thing away and, if they tidied, they untidied it again just minutes later.

And the blame! Oh the blame!

It was always the brother’s fault. ‘Why should I tidy up? It’s all his!’ (This came from both of them.) They needed their own space so badly. And when they got it, we’d find out who actually was the messy one.

My eldest got the biggest bedroom, my younger son the smallest. My eldest arranged his bookshelf and his desk nicely. Then proceeded to chuck stuff on his floor.


My younger son got a new high bed with desk space underneath it, a small bookshelf at one end and a wardrobe and a couple of drawers at the other.

He put his clothes away nicely (although one drawer for sports stuff and one for the rest of his clothes might not be quite the right balance), he arranged his books neatly on the shelf, put a rug down on the floor and put his school stuff neatly on his desk.

The room still isn’t perfect – he needs a proper set of drawers – and there are a few half-emptied boxes still lying around. But he is taking pride in his space. Every day he gets in from school, goes straight to his desk, puts on his desk light and does his homework there.


The room is perfect for a tween boy – it’s well organised for school work, but he still has his Lego out. The pride he is taking in it makes my heart glow. He loves having his own room and being able to organise his own things and find them where he left them, not buried under something or chucked somewhere.

I think it’s now safe to say that we know who the messy one was.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It’s such a big milestone when you get your own room isn’t it? I remember getting my own room many decades ago and I’m sorry to say I was rather messy for a very long time. My mum would go bonkers but I’d always insist I knew where everything was 🙂

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  2. Having shared for so long, they must really appreciate their own space! My Tween boy is going through the opposite phase right now – his room is a constant tip!

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  3. I can’t wait to move mine into her own room from the nursery :))) x He must be thrilled with his own space! Hope the house is all going to plan! xx

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  4. Must be fantastic for him to finally have a room of his own. I was a similar age when I got my own room for the first time since I was tiny. It was fantastic.

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  5. Ha ha your younger son must have been so infuriated by the older one’s habits! (I can sympathise – I feel the same way about living with the messy Daddy D 🙂 )

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  6. Thanks very much, everyone. I shared with my brother for a couple of years – we started sharing when I was about 9. It was OK really, but it was also really good to get my own room.
    The house is going well, thanks very much, WallyMummy 🙂 x

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