Grumpy old woman

The other day I took an excursion into alien territory (Waitrose) and I realised I’m becoming a properly grumpy old woman. So many things got on my nerves which were really not a big deal at all.

So what was I doing in the Alien Land of Waitrose? Why, I was clicking and collecting some stuff for my new house of course.

The 50-something man behind the counter brought out a package for the 50-something woman in front of me, told her it was heavy and offered to carry it to her car. He brought out my two big heavy boxes of door handles, topped off with a package containing my curtains and… Left me to it. Left me to stagger to my car under the weight of it all. Thanks for that.

While I was there I nipped into the actual shop to buy supplies for the hungry and thirsty workers (me). The woman behind the till partner asked me if I had a ‘My Waitrose’ card. Seriously? Me? Couldn’t she see I was too young cool edgy scruffy to be an actual Waitrose shopper?!

Being a woman, I like to multi-task (I can tweet and cook, sometimes I can even do it without setting the smoke alarm off), so I decided to phone Boots to check my prescription was in. Such a simple system. You order online from the surgery and it will be ready in 48 hours. Then you ring Boots to ask them to collect it. Then you go in to pick it up and… The prescription wasn’t ready, they’re out of what you need, the prescription has gone to the other shop, their dog was sick on the prescription (maybe that last one isn’t true). My hands are bright red, throbbing and swollen with my eczema and the prescription which should have been ready on Thursday will be ready on Saturday. A mere five days after I ordered it. You may wonder why I don’t just pick it up from the doctor’s myself. Frankly I’m terrified of the car park. It’s always so busy, the spaces are too tight and there is zero room for manoeuvre. When I’m on that car park, I’m an accident waiting to happen.

Whilst on the Waitrose premises, I went to the cash machine to take some money out. It told me I could take out £640. Awesome. I asked for £300 as I needed to pay the carpet fitter. But I’m only allowed to take out £250. Well why the flip did you offer me £640, then?!

And so to the final insult. The Waitrose car park. The arrows make you drive around every inch of that car park, including sending you up a level and back down again, before finally releasing you back into the real world.

I had been in that alien world a mere 14 minutes and felt myself extremely riled. I am a grumpy old woman.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I hear you – I have turned into a grumpy old woman too and can relate to every thing you say. Why do cashpoints have that silly limit – its to often I need to withdraw that sort of money nut it does happen! Can’t believe the man didn’t help you to the car……how rude!

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  2. Totally with you in this.
    I’ve had ‘issues’ with Boots – they totally messed up to the point of having to order another prescription from the doctor. Then, 3 months later when my next automatic repeat was due – they cancelled my account without telling me because I’d failed to collect (!!!!) the lost prescription which they’d then found. Argh!!
    Where do I sign up for the grumpy old woman club?
    Grace x

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  3. I particularly enjoy car parks where the road markings have been grubbed up so you don’t know your driving in the wrong lane and the exit has been hidden in another dimension.

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  4. That whole cash point machine thing, is so irritating! I think the grumps get worse as we get older 😉

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  5. Well if you are then so am I. It’s days like this that make me feel like doing a Michael Douglas in ‘Falling Down’; rules seem so petty, there are double standards and stupid systems that are enough to drive a person to breaking point! I hear you my friend, I hear you 😉 Great post x

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  6. Oh dear, if only there was a home delivery service for cash eh! #WelcomeToTheWeekend

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  7. Thanks very much, everyone! Good to know there are so many other grumps out there who get where I’m coming from.
    Personally, Andrew, I hate arrows in car parks. I like to deliberately drive against them wherever possible because they seem so pointless!
    Your prescription situation sounds infuriating, Grace! I swear they have it in for me, but clearly they are just pretty incompetent all the time!
    Distressed Housewife – you’ve summed it up perfectly – double standards and stupid systems!

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  8. 14 minutes?! Must’ve felt like a lifetime!

    I sympathise with the car park situation, my doctor’s surgery car park is really tight too so I often park on the next road and walk in…and use a Waitrose car park when I go and do the banking for work (the local branch closed – another grumpy thing!), it’s awful, though apparently being closed soon for improvements. Can’t wait! 🙂 #pocolo

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  9. Aww I hope your weekend is nice and peaceful with no stress. I hate it when you take a prescription into a supermarket, they are not doing anything and say pay for it and come back in 30 minutes,then you go back they don’t have it and have to refund your money onto your card that takes days to pay your card back arrrr, lol you started me off now 🙂

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  10. I get very much the same way as you these days! I think Grumpy is where it’s at! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

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  11. Good to hear there are other grumps out there! The prescription issues can be a nightmare, Claire! (And I’ll try to refrain from too much of the ‘old’!)
    What is it with doctors’ car parks, Lisa?! Indeed, what is it with Waitrose car parks?!

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  12. I don’t mean to but I had a giggle at this as it’s me everytime I enter a Supermarket!!!! Grumpy is DEFFO the new happy x #PoCoLo

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  13. Lucas says – I feel your pain here Mrs MO3W – I’ve seen the Mother’s face look funny on many occasions when we’ve gone to the Supermarket. I am sending you some Haribo to make you feel better xxx #PoCoLo

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  14. I have been having these moments of grumpiness too. Especially when I enter the supermarket 🙂 I guess it’s the season to be grumpy! #PoCoLo

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  15. Thanks, everyone – reassuring to know everyone gets hit by grumpiness when go to the supermarket! The Haribo will be much appreciated, thanks, Lucas!

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  16. Sarah, I get absolutely everything you say. I can even get trolley rage. I’m more of a Morrison’s shopper myself which is probably why!

    I have a blog myself which is quite new and would appreciate some followers to make life worthwhile. You can find me at My name is Linda xx

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