Silent Sunday 3.11.13

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Great photo. I saw the pumpkin first then the face…nice spooky effect 🙂

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  2. Thanks very much, everyone! Because I didn’t have the flash on, it meant I wobbled the picture a bit! I think that makes it look even spookier. I would rather have kept the camera still, but I quite like it anyway!

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  3. I like the way both the face and the pumpkin appear to be floating – very spooky!

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  4. Lovely Halloween shot, love the latern light….and much harder to take than you might think (have tried with fires and failed pitifully).

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  5. Thanks very much, everyone! Glad you appreciate the accidental effect of the slightly wobbly camera! The pumpkin does look rather like it’s floating! Really appreciate your comments 🙂

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  6. This Hallowe’en and Fireworks’ Night week is such a magical time for them, isn’t it? Really enticing and mystical.

    Nipping over from Silent Sunday.

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  7. Thanks very much, everyone!
    Welcome Judy, nice to hear from a new follower! Have a great week yourself.
    It is a magical time, The Boy and Me. This year was the longest we’d ever stayed out for Halloween and we all really enjoyed it.

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  8. They certainly did, thanks, Mari! I’m ashamed to say my dad carved it Emily! I would have liked to have done it, but it’s kind of a tradition that my dad always does it for them!

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