Ridiculously healthy

I’ve always suspected as a slim, teetotal, vegetarian, non-smoking runner I was pretty fit and healthy. But now it’s official. I am Ridiculously Healthy.

If you’re not really old like what I am, you might not know that you get a free NHS health check when you turn 40 (and every five years after that until your mid-70s) – just to check your risk of developing nasty stuff like diabetes and heart disease. Because, sadly, we start to go downhill when we hit 40 and these things become a real possibility if we don’t look after ourselves properly.

You start off with a fasting blood test to check your blood sugar and cholesterol.

Then a few days later you go along to the surgery to have your results analysed and to answer some questions.

The healthcare assistant was STUNNED by my cholesterol levels. They were the lowest she’d EVER SEEN! My blood sugar was also well within the normal range.

This is all good news to me because of my Green & Blacks addiction, which seems me eat four to five 100g bars of dark chocolate a week. Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate, but it’s still rammed full of sugar and saturated fat.

Answering the questions felt almost nonsensical – my five a day habit, never smoked, never drunk, three long runs a week, two half marathons a year… Literally the only thing I do wrong for my health is eat Green & Blacks and it is clearly doing me no harm whatsoever.

My blood pressure and pulse rate were on the low side, but not too low. At 20.1, my BMI is verging on underweight, but not dangerously so.

Nobody in my immediate family has ever heard heart attacks, strokes, angina or diabetes before 60 (or ever, to be honest).

All this information was put into the computer to calculate my risk of having a heart attack in the next 10 years.

And my risk is NOUGHT PER CENT.

She had never seen a 0% before.

I practically skipped out of the surgery with a big, beaming smile on my face.

Now for some Green & Blacks to celebrate…


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. That’s great news. I’m also a runner, veggie, non-smoker and huge consumer of dark chocolate!

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  2. What brilliant news! I didn’t know you got these free checks. This means I now have 3 & a half years to get myself healthy… 😉

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  3. Wow that’s excellent fitness! I should start eating dark chocolate shouldn’t I?

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  4. Thanks very much, everyone. It sounds like you could also be ridiculously healthy, Christine!
    Yep, health checks at 40, RR. They’re quite a new thing, but seem like a good idea – and not just for me to be really smug!
    Yes, best to start somewhere, Tas. Dark chocolate is a good place!

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  5. Amazing numbers Sarah, well done!! Dark choc is full of goodness, and if it’s G&B 85% then it doesn’t even have very much sugar…

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  6. That is amazing…I never got offered a health check at 40! That was a couple of years ago for me but funnily enough I have just had my cholesterol and blood sugars done last week at my request!

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  7. I am not sure I want one of these checks I am 58 with MS in a wheelchair and unable to walk but I do try and exercise most days if you can call what I do exercise. I used to be a ruffty tuffty builder now I am a wreck but I keep smiling because it confuses people. Glad you are healthy all the best.

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    • Thank you! I wonder if I’m still that healthy?

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