Questions: Monks and bad people

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my kids’ funny questions. I hate to say this, but they’re growing up and being less stupid inquisitive. But we still get one or two little gems from them…

LG age 7 1/4: Can sick be any colour?

B2 age 9 1/2: Do you think there’s ever been a job share between a male teacher and a female teacher?

LG age 7 1/4: how do you say ‘hello’ in African? I think it begins with a J.

B1 age 11 3/4: Why are people whose names begins with S P R always bad people?

B1 age 11 3/4: I’m the only person in my RE class who could be a Buddhist monk.

B2 age 9 1/2: When germs die, do they leave a corpse?

Going to the theatre to see Billy Elliott, you can tell my uncultured kids are more used to football than the theatre…

B2 age 9 1/2: You can get an ice cream in half-time.

LG age 7 1/4: What time do the gates open?

Wot So Funee?

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Brilliant.

    My mum declined any snacks at the cinema last year because she was going to get an ice-cream when they changed the reels? Clearly hadn’t been to the cinema this side of 1980.

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  2. The answer to LG’s first question is probably yes: I once had the ‘pleasure’ of cleaning up a little girl’s bright pink sick in Woolworths.

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  3. The gates opening made me laugh 🙂 I’d love to know why he thinks he could be a Buddhist monk!

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  4. Absolutely brilliant! I love the Buddhist monk comment and gates at Billy Elliott 🙂

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  5. These are all so funny! I think my brother and I used to say half-time at the theatre, more used to going to the footie!

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  6. Thanks very much, everyone!
    Apparently the reason he could be a Buddhist monk is because he’s a vegetarian. I suspect there is some other stuff involved in being a Buddhist monk too!
    Apparently, the S P and R thing is all the letter together – specifically Eunice Spry I believe (google her if you don’t know who I’m talking about).
    Sorry to hear you had to do that, James. Yuk! Too much pic ‘n’ mix?
    After so many years of these sorts of questions, Jaime, I am mainly resorting to just saying ‘I don’t know’. Cop out, I know!

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  7. OMG the when germs die question isn’t silly at all. I have no it’s what the answer is. (is that just because I am very bad at science).

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  8. lol very funny. My son never stops with his questions. Drives me insane 🙂

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  9. Love it! Smart kids to be asking questions…daft ones, but at least they are thinking! 😉

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  10. Love the germs questions. I’m actually wondering about that one myself now… They’ve been watching Tinga Tinga Tales me thinks, Jambo!

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  11. Thanks very much, everyone! I have no idea on the germs on!
    I must say my kids have eased up a bit recently, Gina, which is a relief!

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  12. lol kids eh? love the billy elliot remarks. there should be ice cream at half time always!

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  13. There certainly should in my daughter’s world! Thanks very much for commenting.

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