What she wore – M&S playsuit

This M&S playsuit is the perfect summer outfit for little girls – stylish, cute and comfortable – there’s no restrctions on running, climbing, digging in the sand or whatever else they might want to do.

And it’s got ICE CREAMS on it. I can’t begin to tell you how obsessed my daughter is with ice cream. She can bring pretty much any situation round to a demand for ice cream. We say no, but it doesn’t stop her trying – wherever we are and whatever time of day. Her main motivation in going to the park is the ice cream shop. So she just had to choose the outfit with the ice creams on.

There’s only one box it doesn’t tick. The British summer box. Seriously, would YOU go out in something as tiny as this in the British weather? I know I wouldn’t. But it’s OK! Because when we bought it we knew we were going to a hot country for the first time in forever and she would get to wear it!

You will notice in all but one of these photos taken in Barcelona, she is wearing it with a cardigan! She is also wearing it with a pair of Next leggings. And, yes, she is accessorising with a large Magnum there! Well, she was on holiday after all…

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I love playsuits for kids, they’re so cute but fairly practical too. I actually saw a denim on in M&S just today that I may have to go back and buy!

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  2. Thanks very much, ladies. Our daughters have obviously got the same great taste, Actually Mummy! No doubt they would have got on very well together if we’d tracked each other down at Legoland!

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  3. Pretty! That’s a shame she can’t wear it in Britain, everyone wears things like this in summer in NZ 🙂

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